It always amazes us how much faster time speeds by the older we get. You blink and New Year’s is over, you sneeze and you’ve passed Valentine’s Day, and you blink again and it’s March, time for a whole new trio of holidays! There’s no avoiding the speeding up of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun at the holidays—especially when planning to visit Mardi Gras in Tahoe! Offering stunning landscapes, exciting activities, and the opportunity to stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties holiday escapes, this guide to the fun to be had as winter makes its final appearance before exiting stage left to make room for spring will help you forget the passage of time!

Mardi Gras in Tahoe

While this isn’t traditionally a holiday that falls in March 2019 is filled with surprises, starting with Fat Tuesday in the first week. Snowfest is just one of the family-friendly ways we celebrate the holiday dedicated to excess, and even if it’s not a traditional Mardi Gras celebration, it contains many of the elements needed for a successful party! Beginning February 28thand lasting through March 10th, each day of Snowfest offers something new each day. Parades, parties, painted snowmen, and the polar bear plunge are guaranteed to make your Mardi Gras in Tahoe a memorable one!

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th

The wearing of the green(and the drinking of it, too!) is a time-honored way of celebrating St. Patrick’s success at driving the snakes out of the old country, and while the ocean may separate us, we feel the stirring in our blood every St. Patrick’s Day! During your visit, all the bars and most of the restaurants will be doing something special to commemorate this fun and festive occasion. Every year is different, but McP’s Taphouse Grill is guaranteed to be the center of all the fun! Located at 4125 Lake Tahoe Boulevard Aand offering everything Irish, from music to drinks to giveaways that take the luck of the Irish to win, St. Paddy’s Day at McP’s is the only place to be!

Earth Hour, March 30th

More of an event than a celebration, this newcomer to the March celebrations is a worthy one that was started in Australia back in 2007 with a flip of the switch—literally! For one hour of the day, countries all over the world flip off their lights and do their part for the environment, and we invite you to do the same. 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM is the official time, but no one will hate you if you keep them off for the rest of the night; your Tahoe Signature Properties luxury vacation home offers many other ways to stay occupied!Whether simmering in the hot tub, relaxing in front of a fire, or simply enjoying your favorite beverage on a deck lit by the glow of moonbeams, your hour or more promises to be both magical and memorable!

The Only Choice

Whether you decide to paint the town or stay in and joy the amenities of your Tahoe holiday escape, you’ll be glad you chose us for your vacation accommodations! Reserve your stay with us today.