Information on Lake Tahoe Luxury Vacation Rental Properties

Lake Tahoe Rental Properties provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to pair a magical paradise with compelling investment potential!

Lake Tahoe rental properties are tucked away in the most rugged and beautiful scenery in North America and just a few hours away from vibrant San Francisco, California and the glitz and sparkle of Reno, Nevada.  Offering approximately 300 days of sunshine per year and one of the largest fresh water lakes in North America, Tahoe is a year round vacation paradise.  During ski season, thousands of people from all over the world, flock to the slopes for some of the best skiing in the world.  And during the summer thousands more come to Tahoe for boating and water activities, biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, para-sailing, horseback riding, golf and adventure.  Mother Nature built it and the do come!! And when they’re here they all need somewhere in Lake Tahoe to stay.

Hotels and Motels don’t hold a candle to the second home and vacation home market.  Read more about the comparisons of Vacation Rentals vs Hotels and Motels to learn more.  Vacation Rentals are the nation’s fastest growing real estate market and remains on top of the recommended real estate investment areas.  The boomer generation continues to want property that pays for the play and Lake Tahoe fits this description to a “T”.

Will the real estate in Lake Tahoe rental properties continue to grow?  The strongest indicator has to do with a demographic shift called the rolling boom.  This is when an area grows due to its affordability compared to its pricey neighbors.  How does this rolling boom affect Lake Tahoe rental properties?  Lake Tahoe is sitting centered among predicted major real estate hot spots.  Nevada is growing four times faster than the United States and is predicted to double its total population by 2023.  Reno, Nevada is currently rated #6 on the Metro Growth list.  Likewise, consider the Bay area and its affordability “challenges.”  Or, Sacramento, California which was recently named as being one of the “soon to be” neighboring markets.  WHen you look at these variables, it appears that Lake Tahoe is perfectly situated and investment here will yield results.

When purchasing Lake Tahoe rental properties an investor has two options that can produce great results.

  • Vacation Rental or Part Time Rental
  • Full Time Rental

There are advantages to both.  While full time rentals can offer consistent income while the tenant pays most utility bills there are many more advantages to Vacation Rentals.  While the income from a vacation rental may not be as consistent, its potential for income can be much greater AND allow for personal use.  You can make more in 8 months than a year and still have plenty of personal use time when desired.  Also because of the year round attraction of Lake Tahoe, income can be strong for Lake Tahoe rental properties.

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