Pianeta Ristorante

North Lake Tahoe and the town of Truckee may be tucked away in the gorgeous wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, but it is not so far from Northern Italy. This is because it is home to Pianeta Ristorante, a place where you can enjoy one of the freshest takes on this cuisine that you will find anywhere, and the best Italian restaurant Truckee.

Some of the Best Cuisine in Town

At Pianeta Truckee, they are serving the finest Italian food from the pasta to the most timeless Italian dishes. It all begins with the freshest ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever possible. Start your meal off with something fresh and delicious with various takes on bruschetta, like the one with roasted garlic, gorgonzola cheese, and green onions. You can also never go wrong in splitting a caprese salad, especially with mozzarella and vine-ripened tomatoes this fresh, along with a homemade pesto-balsamic reduction. The pastas are the mainstay here, with the classics like pasta bolognese and veal meatballs with pesto. But you will surely not regret going off the beaten path with the grilled prawns atop angel hair pasta, white wine, caper, garlic and tomato marinated orange, fennel salad, and sweet red pepper coulis. Then comes the most extravagant section of the menu in the entrees. Chicken marsala, saffron risotto, and pork tenderloin medallions are just a few of the decadent options that you will find here. And of course, any Italian restaurant Truckee worth its salt knows how to end a meal with options like an Italian coffee with Makers Mark and whipped cream.

To go along with the amazing food here, they also have a full bar providing an endless array of delicious drinks so there is something to pair with every meal. Of course, it starts with one of the best wine lists in town. You can find many of the most celebrated wines from throughout California and the country, but you can also find rare glasses and bottles from Italy and many other countries throughout the world. Inventive cocktails with fresh ingredients also provide great opportunities to pair the perfect drink with your meal.

Visiting Pianeta Truckee

For one of the finest dining experiences in Truckee, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Pianeta Truckee. Along with some of the finest Italian food you will find anywhere, you can also enjoy world class service. Find your new favorite place for Italian food at 10096 Donner Pass Road.