Tahoe and Truckee, California are havens for those that the love the outdoors, specifically for those that love hiking, biking, and running. With October comes a celebration of that love and the epic fashion in which this area allows people to get outside and do what they love. The Great Trail Race is coming and with comes outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. You are not going to want to miss this one-of-a-kind event.

An Amazing Experience

This is one of the best trail races in the world mostly because it takes place along some of the best trails in some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. This is a point-to-point race that spans from the town of Truckee and extends to the Highlands Community Center in Tahoe City. There are two different paths to get you from point A to point B: The Classic and the Elite Trail.

The Classic Trail provides a more casual experience with a greater emphasis placed on enjoying this beautiful area. This 17.9-mile path takes you through some of the prettiest areas in the Tahoe National Forest. You will traverse well-marked trails along with a few paved sections along the way. This is the perfect option for those that are looking for an easier trail to the finish, although you can certainly find a challenging experience here.

The second option is the Elite Trail, which provides many technical segments that are sure to provide a fun challenge for the outdoor enthusiasts. These one of a kind features come from segments of the Tahoe Rim Trail, Tevis Trail, and Sawtooth Trail, which all provide amazing views of the lake and the mountains that surround. This journey spans 21.55 miles of amazing terrain.

This is a great event because you can train all summer and go for first place, or you can simply enjoy the beauty that surrounds you at every moment with a casual pace. On top of the fun and beauty that each participant gets to enjoy, you should partake in this event because all of the proceeds go towards an amazing cause in the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue.

Plan Your Trip to North Lake Tahoe

The only thing better than enjoying the outdoors like this is to get together with likeminded people and enjoy the things you love together. The Great Trail Race provides an unprecedented opportunity to do this. In order to get in on the fun, visit https://www.greattrailrace.com/register/ and reserve your spot.