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As you watch your oldest child walk into the room, head down, fingers flying furiously over the screen of his phone, and hear the sounds of your youngest daughter roaring with delight as Princess Peach speeds by Mario for the win, in your head you know you are counting down to your North Lake Tahoe rental Family getaway. No video games, no phones (they work, you just declare this getaway a no electronics weekend!) just you, your family, and the beautiful landscape that surrounds you; this is the weekend you can unplug and get to know your children all over again. These fun family games will increase the togetherness, while ensuring that every minute of the weekend is entertaining!

Board Games Are Coming Back in Style

If you remember playing games like Monopoly or Scrabble growing up, the good news is those games are still in style! The even better news is that a whole new legion of board games have been invented, bringing the old fashioned family activity back to the forefront! Try your hand at Copenhagen, building up the fronts of city buildings and garnering points for style and finesse, explore really old history with Ancient Lands, or keep to the relatively newer time period of the Old West with A Fistful of Meeples! Board games bring the family together in ways you forgotten could exist while expanding your imagination!

Cards Are Still Popular Too

From the classic games of War, Go Fish, and poker, to the extremely humorous card games that involve insults and inappropriateness (best for older, if not completely grown children!), gathering around the tables in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties family escapes promises to be a memorable part of your getaway! The moments between turns when idle chatter turns to talk of hopes and dreams will warm your heart, and even if your teenager seems to make light of the discussion, we can almost promise that one day he or she will turn to you and tell you how much that game of spades and the conversation meant!

Get Outside and Play

Skiing is primarily a solitary sport, but there are plenty of other opportunities to play together outside, especially when you choose one of our homes in a resort type community. Playing tennis and lightly volleying the ball back and forth, will also offer more opportunities for conversation. Of course, slamming the ball just before the line may be needed to grab the attention of your tennis partner!

Bond on Your Tahoe Getaway – North Lake Tahoe Rental

There’s plenty to do outside your Tahoe vacation rental, but we hope you will enjoy some fun inside our properties as well. Reserve your vacation home with Tahoe Signature Properties today and get back to building strong family bonds!