The Lake Tahoe region is loaded with fishing opportunities from Pyramid Lake’s world-class cutthroat to the famous browns of the Truckee River, anglers young and old will find a whopper of their own.

Lots Of Waters To Fish

Lake Tahoe, the centerpiece for this outdoorsman’s paradise, offers huge lake trout pushing 40 pounds. If you’d prefer to target cutthroat, rainbows or browns, target one of the other 100-plus fisheries in the region. Some standouts include Prosser Creek Reservoir, Pyramid Lake, Truckee River and the East and West Walker rivers to the south.

Types Of Waters

From massive, crystal clear, deep water lakes like Tahoe and tiny high mountain lakes where names are better left unsaid, to rivers and creeks varying in size from a trickle with wild brookies to trophy producers like the Truckee sprawling 25 yards in some stretches, the Tahoe region has it all.

Species And Seasons

Trout including rainbows, browns, brookies and lakers are the dominate species calling this area home. Throw in a few kokanee and warmwater species within striking distance and an angler could easily catch four to six species a day.

Special Regualtions Apply

Be sure to consult local fishing in North Lake Tahoe regulations before wetting a line. Tahoe lies near the California/Nevada border so make sure you have the right license before heading out.

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