things to do in lake Tahoe in November

The amazing colors that cover nature during the fall are something to take your breath away. The weather is not yet chilly enough to discourage you from visiting the outdoors. The leaves take on different shades of red, brown, green, and yellow. The ground under the trees turns into an astounding mosaic. This is the time of year to the many things to do in Lake Tahoe in October, such as enjoying a hike, mountain biking, rock climbing, and all the other adventures that bring you close to nature because this beauty is fleeting. It won’t be long before it gets freezing cold and white snow blankets the whole landscape.

Backpacking is One the Best Things to Do In Lake Tahoe in October

When you have alpine lakes, an extensive network of trails all over the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and amazing views to enjoy, backpacking is not an option, but a necessity. If you love nature and relish its untouched beauty any chance you get, then you’ll be delighted to take an excursion through this landscape. You can go for as little as two days or as long as eight fun-filled days on these excursions. Along the way, you learn some necessary skills about surviving in the wilderness and you get to appreciate the untamed beauty of the wild.

Rock Climbing

One of the other popular things to do in Lake Tahoe in November that allows you to take advantage of the varied terrain in the area is rock climbing. Whether you’re an experienced climber or new to this adventure, you’ll enjoy the different rocks, mountains, and crags that challenge you to climb them. Beginners can take advantage of the climbing classes conducted by experienced guides. They’ll teach you everything from how to put on the gear to using your body weight to climb with minimum physical effort. It’s a demanding sport that requires your full concentration. There are discounts for groups as well, so if you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends, this is your opportunity to enjoy this exciting sport together.

Star Gazing Tours

Living in a city has denied us the beauty of the sky at night. All the light pollution of the city hides the shining stars. Luckily, North Lake Tahoe doesn’t have the same glare problem at night. As soon as the sun sets, the sky turns into a light canvas with thousands and thousands of stars blinking and winking at you. Take one of the star tours offered here and enjoy a unique and refreshing experience that many of us city-dwellers don’t experience. Your guide will give you a history of the area, the stars and the names of the constellations.

Fall is all about beauty and the outdoors here in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. Contact us today to learn more about things to do in Lake Tahoe in November and to book one of our vacation rentals!