If you’re like most of us lately, chances are your morning commute has been greatly reduced, as you no longer have to get in the car and drive. Commuting to work in the world of COVID-19 involves nothing more strenuous than rolling out of bed and padding into the kitchen! Although there are good points and bad points to working remotely, the flexibility of this new way of life leads to a whole new outlook that includes the realization that you don’t have to work from your home; you can work from ANY home! As travel prices are low, this might be the perfect time to experience a working vacation in the beauty of North Lake Tahoe. This guide to combining work and play with a stay in our Tahoe Signature Properties luxurious escapes will ensure your getaway is a memorable one that won’t cause any hassles in the workplace!

Working in Luxury

Wi-Fi is included in all of our properties, so working from any of them is as simple as opening your laptop and choosing the property screenname from the list of options. All that is left is choosing your favorite spot to buckle down and get to work! The dining room table is the most popular spot for many of our guests, but if that’s a little too mundane, the entire place is at your disposal. Pick the overstuffed chair by the window, taking frequent breaks to stare off into the distance, reveling in the view of the lake just beyond the boundaries of your cozy hideaway. You’ll never view phone meetings as boring and mundane again after taking one in the privacy of a deep soaking tub in one of our spacious and spa-like bathrooms—just remember not to enable the video on your phone if you don’t want to surprise your coworkers. And when you’re forced to video chat on Zoom, the backdrop of the mountains that surround North Lake Tahoe will have your boss and coworkers all considering a working vacation for themselves!

Lunch Time Will Be Your Favorite Time of the Day

Even if your family is out exploring while you have your nose to the grindstone, you won’t have to stick to a sandwich thrown together in our fully equipped kitchens when the lunch bell rings. Many local restaurants offer delivery options, allowing you a taste of Tahoe you won’t be able to get enough of! If time permits, getting out for a breath of fresh air and the simple pleasures of diner food served at Rosie’s Café will give you the strength of mind to handle whatever your job throws at you in the afternoon.

When the 5 O’clock Whistle Blows

Chances are you are enjoying every luxurious moment of mixing work and pleasure in our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation abodes, but when that 5 o’clock whistle blows, it’s time to explore all the fun that North Lake Tahoe has to offer! Enjoy the sight of the sun sinking over the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe from your vantage spot on the dock when you choose one of our lakefront properties, and consider making this scenic spot your workspace for at least part of the day! When the weekend comes and you have the freedom to spend the entire day exploring, you can stay on land and hike along the many trails that traverse the area or take a walk on the wild side with a day spent on a pontoon, exploring the hidden coves of the lake! Take a road trip with a 68-mile loop around the lake on the Lake Tahoe Scenic Drive, stopping for a picnic and pulling into all the vista points to stretch your legs and take a few pictures. Sharing these pictures on your favorite social networking site will ensure that those who didn’t accompany you on this trip of a lifetime will be green with envy!

You Don’t Have to Go Far

Of course, if you are tired out from phone calls, meetings, and demanding clients, you don’t have to go far to enjoy moments of peace and serenity. Our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes are designed to spoil! Sink into overstuffed chairs for a nap or stretch out on our plush sofas to watch the big game on the state of the art television hanging over the fireplace for a few hours of mindlessness. Enjoy glasses of wine on the deck as the moon rises over the Tahoe landscape and late-night snacks by the light of the stove as you work on some last-minute revisions on that important report. Reserve your stay with us today and discover all the ways your Tahoe working vacation can soothe your soul!