Enjoy Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about thankfulness and families, but if you are the chief cook and bottlewasher in your family, chances are it has just become another chore that you dread. The days that lead up to the holiday are filled with shopping, cleaning, and cooking, and on the actual holiday itself you spend many of the hours on your feet preparing a meal that will be devoured in minutes! Yes, it can be difficult to feel thankful when you are exhausted and overworked, which is why many Americans are choosing to run away for the holiday, and the happiest ones are running straight for North Lake Tahoe to stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties comfortable, stylish, and luxurious holiday hideaways. Offering everything you need to relax and recharge, this Thanksgiving promises to be one filled with memories you cherish. Our guide to Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe will ensure you don’t miss out on a moment of the fun!

Revel in the Peace

Ski season actually is scheduled to begin on November 25th, so the days leading up to the big event may be the last quiet ones for a few months, and we suggest you take full advantage of it! Bundle up and take a walk by the lake itself, listening to the water slap against the shore, taking these moments to remind yourself that yes, the list of things you have to be thankful for is long and plentiful. Hike along the trails that will soon be filled with skiers dressed in their warmest winter clothes and revel in the peace that comes from opening yourself up to nature or watch the sunset from the patio of your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape, sipping Irish coffee and losing yourself in the beauty of our sky filled with a kaleidoscope of colors.

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Out and About or Take It Home This Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe

The big day arrives, and for the first time in years, you aren’t up at the crack of dawn, basting your turkey, making sure the bread is rising, and gulping coffee straight from the pot, praying that it will give you the energy to make it through the day! Instead, you may have slept in, nibbled on treats purchased from the Cornerstone Bakery in Truckee, and are actually watching the Thanksgiving Day parade from the comfort of your cloud soft bed, not peeking in at the excitement on the screen from your spot in the kitchen. These moments of rest and relaxation are brought to you by local restaurants who will do the cooking for you; you just have to choose whether you prefer to bring a meal back to your holiday hideaway to enjoy in sweats and/or pajamas or if you want to head out into the cold to one of the open restaurants! Celebrate with live music at the Bar of America in Truckee, so named for its location in what was once the Bank of America building, and enjoy an elegant feast that represents the best of what the holiday is all about. You can also take home a traditional meal from Granlibakken and gather round the family style dining tables in our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes while music plays softly in the background (no, it is not too soon for Christmas music!) and your family laughs and chats while devouring the delicious feast.

Experience the Magic of the Holiday with Tahoe Signature Properties

Of course, you may have walked in to your vacation home away from home, set your eyes upon our gourmet kitchen, and knew immediately that you had to get your hands on that oven. Our kitchens are designed to bring the joy back into cooking and are sizeable enough that multiple cooks can move around easily, so go ahead and introduce your children to the traditional recipes of your family! Your teens can be responsible for chopping and dicing while your younger kids can help get out the ingredients, break eggs in to the bowls, and stir all the ingredients together while mom bastes the turkey. Play Christmas carols after the parade is over, sip eggnog while the meal is baking, and as you look at your children, working so diligently in the kitchen, and your spouse watching football on the big screen, you will remember that this is what Thanksgiving is all about, food, family, and of course, football! After the meal is complete, leave the cleaning to your spouse and head out on the town for an evening of Black Friday shopping, finding unusual gifts that will make your family happy!

Thankful for You

We at Tahoe Signature Properties have a lot to be thankful for as well and you, our faithful guests, own a spot near the top of that list! Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today and let us be the first to wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!

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