One of our favorite activities is traveling. Getting to experience a new place, new tastes, and new sights brings a sparkle to our eyes, even in the darkest days of winter. Somehow knowing that we will soon be boarding a plane, boat, or even automobile the next day changes our outlook on life and makes rainy days seem magical, meetings easier to handle, and chores at home more fun. If you’re planning to scratch the itch that makes you want to travel during the early days of 2020, a visit to North Lake Tahoe and a stay in one of our luxurious and warm Tahoe Signature Properties winter escapes is guaranteed to become your favorite way to start out every year—especially when you follow this guide to early 2020 Lake Tahoe events to enjoy in the area!

Sunset Snowshoe Tours in Tahoe City, January 24th

Chances are you have seen more than a few sunsets, but until you catch a North Lake Tahoe sunset during a snowshoe tour, you haven’t really lived! The cold snap of the winter air kissing your cheeks, the crunch of the tennis racket-like objects on your feet mashing their way through the snow, and the magical explosion of golds, purples, and reds that fill the sky all add up to moments you come back to in your mind for years to come. Call Tahoe Adventure Company today at (530) 913-9212 to set up your snowshoe tour of paradise.

TCT Presents: Matilda the Musical in Truckee, February 5th

An event doesn’t have to be huge to draw guests to the area, and the Community Arts Center production of Matilda is just one example! Offering a live performance of a favored children’s play, this family event is guaranteed to be one your kids will thank you for bringing them to. Tickets are reasonably priced, and the show goes on through Memorial Day, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch this classic!

Alpenglow Mountain Festival in Truckee, February 15th-23rd

Featuring everything you’ve ever wanted to know about winter sports, this 80-event celebration of winter and the humans who love to play in it is a perfect example of the North Lake Tahoe lifestyle. Offering clinics, demonstrations, and classes about winter sports of all types, including some you may never have heard of before, this festival has become the hottest event of the season and should be added to the top of your vacation bucket list!

Make the Most of Your Tahoe Getaway With These Lake Tahoe Events

Tahoe Signature Properties is proud to offer the best vacation rental properties in the area. Offering comfort, style, and a soft place to land at the end of each day, there’s no place else you’ll want to stay after enjoying Lake Tahoe events. Reserve yours today!