Things to Do In Truckee CA

Perhaps one of the best features of cross country skiing in Truckee is that you do away with the need to use chairlifts. This little detail is of particular importance for people who aren’t that fond of heights. You don’t really have to traverse a long distance or climb up a mountain to start your favorite sport. All you have to do is get to one of the many ski trails that Truckee is famous for and you’re on your way to enjoying powder snow, untouched tracks, and breath-taking scenic views. And because it’s much cheaper than slope skiing, many people prefer its slow pace and the camaraderie since you can do it with your friends. It certainly is the type of activity that the whole family can take part in.

The Many Types of Cross Country Skiing in Truckee

Cross-country skiing is one of the top Winter Things To Do in Truckee CA because it is different from downhill skiing. And of the many different types of cross-country skiing that have been practiced for years, two stand out. The first is the classical style that requires paved trails with tracks in the snow. The skier follows these tracks on their skis using kicking and gliding motions. It’s another form of hiking in winter. Skate skiing is the other popular type of cross-country skiing. It is similar to ice skating, only it’s done in the outdoors on fresh snow. Usually, you’d need to shift your weight from one ski to the next in order to propel yourself forward.

Groomed Trails Truckee-Style

Cross country skiing in Truckee is well-known for its groomed trails. Many of these trails have huts along the way where you can rest and get warm. Some resorts also offer free hot drinks for cross-country skiers—something that you’ll surely need, since this demanding sport burns about 500 calories an hour. This number doubles if you’re climbing. Some of the most popular groomed trails in Truckee include Clair Tappaan Lodge at the top of Donner Summit, Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area, Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area, and Donner Memorial State Park to name but a few.

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