While sometimes you may want to spend all of your time in Lake Tahoe exploring the great outdoors, there can be times when the temperature rises that you just feel the urge to escape the heat and stay inside! If that’s the case on your next Lake Tahoe vacation, here are a few suggestions of things to do that can help you escape the heat.

Vikingsholm Castle

Nestled right in beautiful Emerald Bay, Vikingsholm still stands as one of the very first summer homes ever built at Lake Tahoe! First constructed by stagecoach magnate Ben Holiday in the early 1860s, Vikingsholm Castle still stands today as one the premier examples of Scandinavian architecture that you can find anywhere in the United States. One of the best ways you can escape the heat in Lake Tahoe is to take a tour of this historic California landmark. Tours will be available from May 26th through September 30th.

South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena

There are few better ways to escape the heat and keep cool than by spending some time on the ice. At the South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that! South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena is Lake Tahoe’s only year-round indoor ice arena, and they have a number of events for those of every skill level! Whether you’ve never tried ice skating before and want to take a private lesson with one of their professional coaches or want to join in on a pick-up hockey game, you’ll be certain to find something for everyone!

Lake Tahoe Maritime Center – Museum & Gardens

The Lake Tahoe area has an incredibly rich tradition and connection with the water, and if you’re looking to beat the heat and discover this for yourself, then there is no better place than at the Lake Tahoe Maritime Center! Since its opening in 1987, the museum has provided locals and tourists alike with an incredible inside look to Tahoe’s history, and the museum has grown bigger than ever expected! Today there are a vast number of amazing and diverse exhibits to experience, ranging from searching for dinosaur remains to collections of some of the most famous watercrafts in Tahoe’s history.

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