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Ask anyone about the greatest joys in life and the answers will mostly revolve around three things: wine, music, and art. Wine and music together make up for a great combination that will wash away all your sorrows and worries, but when you add art, you take the level of ecstasy up a notch or two. Every year the Village at Palisades Tahoe becomes the center of attention for people looking to put their daily life with its stress and obligations behind them and get into the groove. This year the Art Wine and Music Festival will be held on July 13th and 14th, 2019. Admission fees are $25 per person if you book in advance or $30 if you book on the day of the event.

Wine Tasting

Naturally, there will be a wine tasting at the Art Wine and Music Festival. Wine is the life of the party, and for $25 you get unlimited wine tasting throughout the two-day festival. And while the festival starts around 11 am and goes on until 5 pm, the wine tasting only starts around 2 pm. This year there will be more than 20 wineries from California ready with their wine barrels to give you a taste of their new products. As mentioned, the tasting is unlimited, but it’s better to get a sample of all the wines on offer rather than keep sampling the one wine you prefer. This allows you to discover new flavors and maybe fall in love with a new brand you haven’t tried before.

Live Music

Of course, live music features prominently on the Art Wine and Music Festival‘s itinerary. Over the years the festival has attracted some of the most popular bands in different music genres. But mostly the festival focuses on Flamenco, West African soul, and world fusion. There’s a reason for that: These music genres go well with art and wine and give the festival its distinct spirit and unique atmosphere.

Art, Wine and Music Festival Is All for a Good Cause

The proceeds from the festival go to support the local charity Achieve Tahoe. This organization works to support the community by providing physical and recreational activities. The goal is to offer the young generation in particular with healthy venues to improve their physical and mental health and grow up to be confident and independent individuals.

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