A fly fishing pole on the dock, ready for North Lake Tahoe Fishing

Fishing is one of the most underrated sports out there. For most people it’s nothing but sitting around and waiting, but for the angler, it’s a practice in patience, a display of skill, and a peaceful discipline that is akin to meditation. So when you’re headed for North Lake Tahoe for your annual vacation, don’t forget to bring your fishing gear with you. There are more North Lake Tahoe fishing spots here than you can dream of. And they all promise the types of fish than you only dream about catching. That’s because the fish here are wild not hatchery clones. For the true angler, there’s a sense of pride in hooking a wild fish!

Truckee River

Rainbow, brown, and brook trout are abundant here in the stretch between Fanny Bridge and the town of Truckee. And due to the nature of the river, different types of fishing are common here. You can find lots of runs, riffles, and deep pools, which mean you can use bait, lure, or flies. The Truckee fishing season here opens on the third Saturday of April when trout fishing opens, which is more than 9 weeks before the season starts in other tributaries.

Donner Lake

For the fans of fly fishing, this lake is the best place to indulge your hobby. And did we mention that the scenery is breathtaking? You’re going to treat yourself to some of the best views as you wait for your desired fish to bite. Just keep in mind that if you don’t have a boat you can still fish on the public piers on the north side of the lake. You can expect to find mackinaws, kokanee, and rainbow, brown, and brook trout, as well as plenty of other fish.

Boca & Stampede Reservoirs

Both those reservoirs are near Truckee. A short distance from each other, you can always try them both in one day. If you don’t get a bite in one, just head over to the other reservoir and pray the fishing gods will favor you with a good catch. As a tip, you should either go there very early or rather late for a productive day of Truckee fishing. Also, you can use bait, lure, or flies. You can fish either from the shore or using a boat.

When the fish come calling, it’s time to pack your gear and head to any one of the many hot North Lake Tahoe fishing spots. Call us for more information.