As you start planning your North Lake Tahoe getaway, there are plenty of items to check off your list of what you want and what needs to be done, including choosing a vacation home in which to stay. And if Tahoe Signature Properties was the first name that came to mind, who could blame you? Our homes are designed to spoil and offer comfort, style, and a variety of amenities. If you haven’t heard of us before, you’re about to learn a lot more. If you are looking for a vacation experience, not just a space to rest your head, our attention to detail ensures this trip will be one you will never forget!

Amenities Add to the Beauty of our Homes

It’s not always the luxurious extras that makes a vacation special, although they do help, and our homes have a lot of them! Instead, it can be the little things that you don’t know matter until they aren’t there that make your vacation stand out the most. CD players for musical accompaniment to nights where you choose to stay in, free Wi-Fi so you don’t have to cut the vacation short when an office emergency comes up, and maybe even the paper towels, dish soap, and other supplies we provide; paper towels may not be all that special, but when you spill your wine, it’s nice to have them at hand, don’t you think?

For the luxuries that make our lives so much better, many of our North Lake Tahoe getaways and homes offer fireplaces for cold nights, hot tubs on the deck with a view of the stars that makes you feel a part of something big, and soaking tubs in the bathroom that will help ease the ache of tired muscles after a long day of hiking around the lake. Barbecue grills, patio furniture, and wrap-around decks allow guests to enjoy a great meal under blue skies, and when evening falls, they offer a front row seat to the best view in town—the sight of the sun setting over the lake in a fiery display of color. Every detail is accounted for, from soft linens and comfy furniture to closets and cabinets that allow you to unpack and stay awhile; we’ve thought of everything to make your vacation as picture-perfect as possible!

North Lake Tahoe Getaways That Make You Feel Happy

Our homes are designed to be an integral part of your North Lake Tahoe vacation experience. Contact us today to reserve your stay!