skiier on a snowy slope

For some people, winter on the mountain is the stuff dreams are made of. Where else would you enjoy all the winter sports that involve heavy clothes, sports gear, and tons of powder snow? The mountain in the winter is the ideal place to feel that thrill that only a snow-carpeted slope can give you. Which is even more amazing when you know there’s actually a festival that brings both the mountain and the winter together and celebrates everything about winter sports. Alpenglow Mountain Festival is all about winter on the mountain. This festival is put on by Alpenglow Sports. Please visit their website for more information and dates for this year’s events.

Lake Tahoe at Its Best

While Alpenglow Mountain Festival is geared toward beginner and intermediate fans of winter sports, the main mission behind organizing such a wonderful event is to showcase Lake Tahoe and what it can offer to tourists. Even people who’ve been to Lake Tahoe many times may miss some of its greatest attractions. If you stayed in a ski resort or spend most of your time on the slopes, you might have missed such activities as backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, split-boarding, and cross-country skiing, not to mention the other attractions such as natural history, music, yoga, the dining experience, and many more. This festival is about Lake Tahoe as much as it is about the mountain and winter sports.

Mountain Sports and Events at Alpenglow Mountain Festival

In a festival that spans nine days of fun-filled and sometimes challenging winter adventures, you’re bound to find a few activities that will engage your body, mind, and soul. Depending on how physically fit and experienced you are, there are activities for everyone. Some of them are quite demanding; the Broken Sky Race is one such activity. It’s a three-day event that takes you through a challenging series of trail races. On the other hand, Yoga on the Beach doesn’t demand anything from you except just being there and enjoying the whole experience. It’s also free and takes place on the lakeshore.

Another enjoyable and easy activity for all ages is the Wildflower Walk. It’s organized by Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences and introduces you to the great fauna of Lake Tahoe. Other recommended activities include backpacking classes, paddleboarding clinics, outdoor photography workshops, introduction classes to rock climbing, and much more.

Come to Alpenglow Mountain Festival to enjoy Lake Tahoe and all that it has to offer. Call us today to learn more about the Lake Tahoe calendar of events and to book one of our vacation rentals!