Whitewater rafting, it's what to do in North Lake Tahoe

To say that North Lake Tahoe and Truckee are both full of heart-pumping adventures is an understatement. The thrill of adventure is never-ending all year round. Between whitewater tours, mounting biking, hiking, and rock climbing, not to mention the winter thrills of skiing, tubing, and snowmobiling, there’s always room for one more adventure on your list. So make note of these Lake Tahoe adventures that will test your skills and challenge you on every turn.

What to Do in North Lake Tahoe: Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting trips usually last up to 3 days. Take your pick between Truckee, American, Yuba, and Carson Rivers. And it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. In fact, these kinds of activities are suitable for the whole family and all skill levels. Children as young as 4 can take part and enjoy them, too. The rapids flow and the ride are bumpy, but that’s what makes it appealing and exciting at the same time. Of special note, the East Fork Carson is recommended. It’s a 21-mile-long journey and can be enjoyed on a 2-day trip. The North Fork Tuba is also suitable both for beginners and skilled rafters.

Treetop Adventure Park

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park is one of those things to do in North Lake Tahoe where the thrill of defying gravity is mixed with breathtaking views. Here platforms, zip lines along swings, logs, and all sorts of obstacles connect 63 sturdy trees to make up one ride that is hard to forget. And why would you want to forget it? You’d want to have your pals pointing their cameras at you as you do your Spiderman thing between the trees. And this type of thrill is definitely for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. Both adults and children can have their fun on the different courses designed both for safety and maximum enjoyment.

Helicopter Rides

Take a helicopter ride over Lake Tahoe and get the adventure of a lifetime. This is more than just a ride in a helicopter. This guided tour will give you a glimpse of the magnificent lake in all its vastness and sublime. For as long as an hour you’ll get a ride that is both memorable and thrilling. Keep your camera handy for the beautiful pictures that only flying so high will get you.

Make Biking Adventures a Priority

Sometimes, the best adventures no matter where you land for vacation are those that allow you to set your own pace for fun. When it comes to exploring the Truckee terrain, visitors looking for adventure will frequently find that one of the best ways to take it all in is on two wheels. You don’t have to be a cycling expert to make the most of the many bike trails that run through scenic Truckee and highlight the best of riverside living. Paths that line the Truckee River are bound to be a comprehensive look at everything that makes this destination so inviting and when you’re enjoying it all by bike, there’s no reason to limit the excitement. Bike for as long or short as you’d like at a pace that matches your preference. While you can always bring your own gear, there’s no reason to when there are so many options for rentals in the area that provide budget-friendly hourly or daily rental options. Whether you’re in town solo for the fun or in the company of family and friends, everyone can rent a bike that matches their needs and enjoy the adventure together.

Take a Sky-High Approach to Tahoe Adventures

While a helicopter ride during your Tahoe getaway is sure to thrill, capture the scenery from a new perspective that takes you to just as thrilling of heights by booking a hot air balloon ride while you’re in town. The team at Lake Tahoe Balloons is headquartered at 2435 Venice Drive East, but don’t let an address keep you from pursuing the fun. A hot air balloon ride can be customized to those areas that you can’t wait to explore from above meaning that all of Lake Tahoe is yours for the savoring from this impressive vantage point. If your adventurous journey happens to happen over your birthday or that of a fellow traveler, this is a great surprise that’s sure to be a highlight of your stay. Lake Tahoe Balloons runs aerial tours year-round so no matter when you’re planning on making the most of the Lake Tahoe fun, this is an option to add to your itinerary. The winter season with this hot air balloon company runs from November 1st to April 30th while the summer season runs between May 9th and October 25th. Flights generally last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and if you know exactly what natural landmarks you’re hoping to enjoy, be sure to let them know in advance; they’re happy to create a one of a kind flight you won’t soon forget!

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