lake tahoe family attractions

Seven days is quite the vacation! Spending a whole week in Lake Tahoe is the kind of vacation everyone dreams of. You have a lot of time to enjoy different adventures, take a break in between to relax at a spa, pamper yourself with a massage, then the next day take to the air and enjoy the sights. You can dedicate a whole afternoon to shopping or even take the whole day. As long as you have a good plan in place, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of the attractions and activities to do in Lake Tahoe.

Adventure is Calling

When you have a magnificent lake surrounded by pristine terrains and astounding natural beauty, you’ll want to make sure to enjoy as many outdoor adventures as you can. Depending on the season, your adventures might vary, but a rule of thumb is during the summertime, the resorts around here become veritable playgrounds for the whole family. Festivals are another attraction here. Northstar Resort is the home to many popular festivals that give a new meaning to the term fun in the mountains. Palisades Tahoe is another hotspot for vacationers where outdoor activities blend in with dining, shopping, and nightlife to create a unique vacation experience. Other recommended resorts for their fun attractions include Diamond Peak Resort and Homewood Mountain Ski Resort.


Spending a day and a night out in the arms of nature is the real deal around here and one of the must activities to do in Lake Tahoe. You have around 25 designated camping areas to choose from. They all have unique qualities and you’ll find it hard to choose one over the others. Spooner to Marlette Trails offers a breathtaking backcountry landscape and a natural oasis. It overlooks Spooner Lake, where you can do some fishing. Mt. Rose Campground is located over 9,300 feet up the mountain and has a lush conifer forest.

Lake Tahoe Family Attractions: Beaches

The lake is one of the most popular natural Lake Tahoe family attractions, but more so during the summer months. The beaches here offer all the usual activities and sports you’ve come to expect and enjoy. Sandy Beach is a public beach in Tahoe Vista and offers picnic tables, BBQ areas, and portable restrooms. Emerald Bay Beach is a hidden gem that you can access only by boat or through the Rubicon hiking trail.

Enjoy the Best of Time on the Water

While the sandy shorelines that surround Lake Tahoe are endlessly appealing, during your seven-day stay you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make as much time for on-the-water fun as possible! Lake Tahoe enjoys a scenic backdrop of waves that are perfect whether you’re up for leisurely time on the water or can’t wait to make the most of adrenaline-pumping fun. From jet ski rentals and pontoon boats that are ideal for fishing to renting a paddle board, kayak, or canoe, it’s easy to set your own tone on the water and enjoy fun your very own way when you have a week to spare in the name of vacation. Of course, if you’re not entirely comfortable with independent exploration, there are plenty of local companies that provide chartered fishing and sailing options as well! Tahoe Sailing Charters at 700 N. Lake Boulevard provides guests with a pristine experience no matter when you book. With this company, you can easily set sail for a daytime tour sightseeing along the shorelines, or if you’re looking for a more romantic moment, you’ll want to be sure to make it a sunset cruise and have your camera in hand!

Savor Moments on the Trails

The rolling landscape that surrounds the lake, complete with sweeping waterfront views, makes a seven-day journey this way the perfect time to hit up the many trails that weave their way through the terrain. Summertime travelers will find the trails to be tantalizing and easily sorted according to your skill and comfort level. Hike up your boots and pack plenty of water as many of these trails enjoy significant elevation changes, but that means the reward of incredible vistas at the summit! For those that travel this way in the winter for a weeklong escape, the trails are actually still a possibility! If you have a pair of snowshoes, or a well-maintained fat tire bike, there’s no reason not to give it a go and find your adventure when the fresh powder falls.

Fishing Lake Tahoe

Whether you go the route of a guided excursion or are a lifelong angler looking for a new adventure, time at Lake Tahoe promises to be great as far as reeling in exciting catches. Kokanee salmon and largemouth bass as well as lake trout and rainbow trout are just a few of the many species that linger below the waves and call the waters of Lake Tahoe home.

When you have seven days to spend in Lake Tahoe, you have plenty of attractions to enjoy. Call us today to learn more about Lake Tahoe family attractions and activities, and to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!