Go skiing on your winter getaway to Lake Tahoe

Not every vacation is an extended stay in an exotic locale. Sometimes your getaway can be something as simple as a long weekend in the snow, and when you choose North Lake Tahoe for your winter weekend, the opportunities to play are numerous! Because our Tahoe Signature Properties North Lake Tahoe escapes are designed to be warm and welcoming, your evenings promise to be just as magical as your days as you relax and recharge for each new day of adventure on your getaway to Lake Tahoe.

Snow Is for Skiing

If you only have a few days to play in the snow, the best way to enjoy every second of your stay is by spending the entire trip skiing, and in the Tahoe area, there are plenty of places you can do so! Northstar Ski Resort in Truckee opens on November 20th, and although this year walk-ins will not be allowed, there are still passes you can buy that will fill your days with all the schussing you can handle! Reservations are required, and season pass holders will have first dibs at the slopes, but after many months spent cooped up inside, a few extra steps will not stop ski fans!

Speaking of ski fanatics, for many people, skiing is not just a way to play, it’s a way of life. For those who have spent every winter Olympics glued to the television watching Americans rack up the medals, a visit to Squaw Valley Resort in Olympic Valley might be found at the top of their bucket lists! Site of the 1960 Olympics, you and your family can ski in the footsteps of Olympic legends, and although Americans did not win the gold for skiing that year, we did bring home a few silver medals and even more bronze ones! Squaw Valley is also eliminating walk-up ticket purchases, but it is NOT requiring reservations; all potential skiers need to do is purchase their passes online from their website. The resort is planning to continue offering lessons for novice skiers and snowboarders as well. There will probably be some changes to the way their classes are run, but they are still working out the details; be sure to check their website for updates.

Just a Few Short Months Ago

Quarantines caused a temporary halt to vacations this year, but as restrictions are lessening and closures are lifting, the chance to get out and explore is one that is too good to ignore. During your North Lake Tahoe adventures, you may choose to spend all day, every day playing in the snow, but that does not just mean skiing; snowshoeing, sledding, and snowball fights are popular winter activities in Tahoe as well!

Discover the sport of snowshoeing while the rest of your family works on their skiing skills at Squaw Valley or sign up for a Full Moon Snowshoe Tour with Tahoe Adventure Company. Take the family to Tahoe City Winter Sports Park for a morning of sledding, or simply walk outside the door of your Tahoe Signature Properties winter villa and start packing together snowballs in preparation for a sneak attack on your favorite traveling partners! Everyone knows that the family that plans snow battles together has a lot more fun than those who think they are too grown-up for such a thing!

Take a Hike

Even in the winter in North Lake Tahoe, hiking is an activity that everyone will love. Explore the Donner Summit Train Tunnels and the China Wall, built by Chinese laborers who lived so far away from home as they labored over the rails that are now longer in use. Take a short hike to Eagle Rock (crampons may be needed, as the trail can be icy in the winter) or take an even shorter walk around the neighborhood of your Tahoe Signature Properties temporary home away from home! Just being outside after months of inactivity will speak to your soul.

Make Time to Relax

Of course, not all getaways have to be jam-packed with activities. Some of the most magical experiences can occur without leaving the boundaries of your winter escape! Sleep late into the morning, getting out of our super comfy beds only to pour yourself some coffee before slipping back underneath the blankets to read, watch a little television, or chat with the spouse. Spend mornings cuddling in front of a roaring fire as you talk about future dreams and reminiscing about the special moments you have shared in the past. Families traveling together can play games at the big dining room tables, perched in front of generously sized windows that allow unobstructed views of the Tahoe landscape. Put the games aside and bundle up at sunset for a walk in our magical winter wonderland. Every minute of your stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties luxury properties will be one designed to make memories that will last forever—reserve yours today!