Tahoe attractions

Tahoe is an amazing place to visit for so many reasons. Topping the list are about an infinite number of ways to get outside and enjoy the unparalleled splendor of nature. During the summer there is swimming and hiking, while winter brings with it some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. But there are so many things that go off the radar that will change the way you vacation in Tahoe once you discover them. The following are three of the best off the beaten path Tahoe attractions that the locals love.

Secret Harbor Beach

As the name would suggest, this Tahoe beach is one of the best-kept secrets in town. You can enjoy everything you love about the lake from its crystal-clear waters to its lush alpine surroundings, but this secret beach offers the feeling as if it was put here just for you. There are few places that offer more peace and beauty. You can also take a short hike to Secret Harbor Cove, which provides a spectacular view of towering cliffs over this beautiful lake. Find it on the east side of the lake along route 28 about 3 miles north of its intersection with Highway 50.

Marlette Lake

If Marlette Lake was anywhere else in the world, it would be the talk of the town. But this lake lies right beside one of the most incredible lakes in the world in Lake Tahoe, so it gets a bit overshadowed. But it is absolutely gorgeous and worth a visit. It sits within a crease of this massive mountain range, providing for some of the most incredible scenery in the area. It takes a bit of getting to through a 5-mile hike from Spooner Lake, but it is totally worth it, as you cannot find beauty and seclusion like this anywhere else in Tahoe.

Hit the Trail Less Traveled

Hiking is among the top activities in Tahoe, but many of the trails are so popular that you could have to fight against some crowds. If you are looking for something less hectic and just as beautiful, look to Round Top Lake Trail. This intermediate hike takes you through many of the personalities of Tahoe, from subalpine forest to stretches above the tree line where you can take in some truly majestic views. Find the trailhead by taking Highway 88, and subsequently following the Woods Lake Campground Road.

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