Tahoe Guide

As the second deepest lake in the US, Lake Tahoe has a special place in the hearts of those who have visited it. The majestic views, the clear water, and the various attractions in and around the lake draw thousands of visitors every year. And with so many things to do, you might feel at a loss. This Tahoe guide will help you plan your vacation around the activities that appeal to you and your family.

Tahoe State Recreation Area

Biking with your family is different from biking on your own. You’ll want an easy and fun trail when you have your kids with you. Tahoe State Recreation Area offers that and more! With great views and various flora and fauna that the children will find interesting and amusing, spending a day here is a perfect opportunity for a photo op. If you enjoy nature, you will have plenty of guidance from this Tahoe guide!

Emerald Bay

How would you like to hike down a trail only to find a majestic castle waiting for you on the side of the trail? We’re talking about a real castle like the one you read to your kids about in fairy tales. Vikingsholm was built in 1929 but is an exact replica of a Danish castle that dates back to 800 AD. This trail is also good for the whole family, although the incline can be a little steep at times.

Baldwin Beach

Had enough of hikes? Maybe not. But for now, you can take a break and head over to Baldwin Beach. The beach entry is shallow which makes it suitable for children of all ages. It’s also accessible from the parking lot which might explain the appeal of this beach for the whole family.

Paige Meadows

As the name implies, your stroll here will be on rolling meadows that are easy to access and suits both adults and children. The trail is relatively flat and makes for an easy hike for those of all activity levels; it’s a great place to spend the day!

Truckee Railroad Museum

Our Tahoe guide also recommends you discover a little bit of the history behind the area by visiting the Truckee Railroad Museum. Fun for both kids and adults, the museum features photos and exhibits detailing the importance of the railroad in Truckee; it even houses a caboose from the Sierra Pacific Railroad!

Your Tahoe Guide from Local Experts!

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