The beauty of a place like Tahoe City is in its small-town charm and big city vibe. Most mountain villages have the views and the quiet, but shopping or dining can be extremely disappointing—but not in Tahoe City! Offering sophisticated choices in both shopping and dining, it is restaurants like Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique that makes us even more grateful for the place we call our home. Open for dinner every day of the week, except for Tuesday, the prices may be on the higher end, but when you taste their California style goodness, we think you’ll agree that its well worth the splurge!

Located at 640 North Lake Boulevard

Built of brick and glass, you’ll know you are in the right place when you see the amazing sloped roof that swoops down towards the bushes in front. Inside, warm walls the color of butter, vaulted ceilings, and generous windows give Wolfdale’s in Tahoe City a bright an airy feeling. The white tablecloths, wood bar, and colorful plates add a touch of casual sophistication that is the standard vibe of all California establishments! In good weather, dining on the back patio allows for unparalleled views of the natural beauty that can only be found in Tahoe; if you have traveled here in the winter, its worth coming back for a second trip just to experience these views!

Simple and Fresh

Simple doesn’t mean bland, and the dishes served at Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique are the proof. Made of simple ingredients garnered locally, the flavors blend well, creating an exciting explosion of taste. With a menu that is sophisticated and ever changing, repeat trips are a must, and their expansive wine menu ensures that there’s always something smooth and delicious to go along with the unique dishes. Offering “teasers” such as King Crab Spoons with guacamole, appetizers that include Truffle Fries, and soups and salads that mix the norm with the unusual, there’s a wide assortment of flavors to experience at Wolfdale’s. Try the Warm Goat Cheese Salad with arugula, mint, Asian pear, and beets and feel your stomach smile with glee! It’s the main entrees, however, that tempt and excite us the most. Offering Braised Lamb Shank for carnivores, Cedar Paper Wrapped Vegetables for vegetarians, and a sophisticated, yet simple, Child’s Pasta served with drawn butter and cheese and so much more, Wolfdale’s in Tahoe City has a dish designed for every taste!

With a Fully Belly and a Happy Heart

There’s no sadness after this amazing meal has ended because you know you get to spend the rest of your night resting peacefully in your Tahoe Signature Properties luxury vacation home! Reserve yours today and enjoy a trip to Wolfdale’s in Tahoe! Explore our wonderful central Truckee short-term rentals.

Wolfdale’s North Lake Tahoe