yoga festival tahoe

Wanderlust Yoga Festival is a festival that combines yoga, music, food, wine, and other activities. The lust that drives the people who attend is the lust for life and enlightenment. The annual four-day event takes place between July 18th – 21st, 2019 in Squaw Valley. Tickets cost $401 for all the events. One-day tickets start from $166 on average. Premium passes cost $2,575 and cover all four days of the festival. Immersion tickets cost around $100 while the music festival fees range between $30 and $55.

Talented Lineup at this Year’s Yoga Festival in Tahoe

Every year the yoga festival in Tahoe draws some of the hottest names in the world of music, yoga, and entertainment. This year’s lineup includes such illustrious names as MC YOGI, Seane Corn, Elena Brower, Anna Forrest, Jose Calarco, Janet Stone, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Schuyler Grant, and many others. The leaders in the fields of yoga, meditation, and motivational speakers all come to turn this festival into a shining spiritual experience by the lake. Immersions offer you a great opportunity to focus and get a hands-on learning experience from world-renowned instructors.

Fitness Sessions

Also, new this year, the Wanderlust Yoga Festival introduces fitness sessions. For the first time in 2019, the festival brings to you a dedicated studio that gives fitness a new meaning. Sessions include HIIT which will get your heart pumping and help you shed those extra pounds faster than any other fitness course. Pilates instructors will lead you down the path of invigorating workout systems that have helped millions of people all over the world get fitter and gain energy as they lose weight. Choose from different fitness classes and learn from the experienced instructors the most effective exercise routines that suit your own body and lifestyle.

Silent Disco

The Wanderlust Yoga Festival is more than just yoga, meditation, live music, and fitness classes. When you’ve experienced all these uplifting activities, come to enjoy the silent disco sessions. Silent discos are dancing sessions that get you in a groove after you have learned to find enlightenment and get lighter both physically and spiritually. The DJs will take you on another journey where you dance to the beat of a different rhythm. Choose from three dancing floors and let the beat take control.

Wanderlust Yoga Festival guides you toward your true north. For more information about the yoga festival in Tahoe and to book one of our vacation rentals, give us a call us today.