Family Activities in Lake Tahoe

When traveling with children to Tahoe, you need to spend more time on planning, preparing, and making sure you have all your bases covered. This is especially true if your children are of different ages and the younger ones just won’t go anywhere without their favorite toys or a certain piece of clothing. You always need to make sure that not only the necessities are packed, but also each child’s can’t-travel-without item. In that case, you’ll have to make a packing list for every one of your children that contains everything that will make them happy during their stay. Check out our list of things to pack and activities in Truckee the kids will love.

What Infants Need

Now it’s easy to mistakenly think that the older the child, the more stuff they’ll need, but that’s a rookie’s mistake. It actually goes the other way around. Your toddler, for example, will need a lot more time, attention, and packing space than their siblings. It’s the same with every other day of your life; you tend to spend more time on your infant. Here, too you need to make sure that their bottles, baby carrier, car seat, stroller, suitable clothing according to the time of year, teethers and more are included. And that’s just for the baby in the family. The older kids will need totally different things.

School-Age Children

For children old enough to read, you might want to pack in their favorite books and other distractions that will keep them busy during the long hours of traveling, like coloring books, tablets, favorite toys, and other supplies they prefer or have an interest in. It also helps to ask them to make their own list of the things they’d want to have with them during their stay. A child missing their favorite toy is a cranky child that could turn a delightful vacation into something totally different.

Tahoe Kid-Friendly Activities

Once you have each child’s favorites list taken care of, it’s time to research your vacation destination for the kind of activities your children would enjoy. Depending on the season, There are always plenty of family activities in Lake Tahoe that are free. Don’t forget about sunscreen and beach-wear for all the water activities during the summer and heavy, slope-suitable clothing during the winter months for snowmobiling, inner-tubing or skiing.

To make sure your children will enjoy their Tahoe vacation, make sure to include their favorite toys in your packing. Call us for more information about activities in Truckee and to book one of our vacation homes.