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Since much of Truckee makes for a great outdoor travel destination, coming prepared can be pretty important, especially if you really want to get out there and experience all of the scenery. While it’s simple enough to show up and hit the trails during most seasons, a lot of outdoor fun requires specific kinds of equipment, much of which you’ll find is purchasable or rentable in the local area. Whether you have some of your own, or you’re planning on renting, you’ll want to make sure you pack it or have the budget to get it on site.

Come Prepared

As mentioned above, the equipment can make or break your ability to see everything you want, so make a list of places you want to hit while you’re here and see what makes the experience more enjoyable if you bring it along.

Since winter brings ski season around, you’ll need plenty of gear to make sure you can safely hit the slopes. First and foremost are the skis (or snowboard), which can be rented or bought in town if you need. Don’t forget to pack the extra layers of warm clothing even if you aren’t going up the lifts, because it can get pretty cold around here.

Definitely pack lighter clothes if you’re coming during the summer and bring your mountain bike along if you want to hit some of the more intense trails. If you’re driving into town, you can even bring your own kayak along to avoid those extra rental fees.

Bring along a good pair of hiking shoes or boots no matter what season your vacation is going to be during, especially if you want to hit the harder pathways. It can get steep, and the ground won’t always be nice and level for you.

Do Some Research

There are so many different lakes, trails, and attractions for you to see while you’re here, and sometimes that means choosing your favorites. If you do a little bit of looking before you travel to Truckee, you’ll find that most of these areas have pictures for you to look at online, and you might find something that you absolutely can’t go without seeing. Having a plan for your favorite trails or resorts can help streamline your trip in all the right ways. If you’re planning a weekend trip this way, you’ll benefit the most from staying in our weekend rentals with easy access to the best attractions!

Book in Advance

This mostly applies to visiting during peak seasons, but you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re booking your ideal vacation spot a few months before your actual Truckee travel date so you don’t have to worry about lodging. Truckee can get really busy during tourism seasons like summer and winter, and you don’t want to add any stress to your time off.

Travel to Truckee and See Our Town

Whatever your Truckee travel plans are, we’re confident that you’ll love Truckee just as much as we do. Our agents will make sure to match you up with the perfect vacation rental to make your trip one to remember, so get in touch with us now and start planning your trip with us. Contact us now! Check out our ski guide in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe.