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Everyone knows Truckee and the Lake Tahoe area is absolutely famous for its unbeatable ski slopes and scenic vistas, and while some of them receive all of the foot traffic possible, there are absolutely some hidden gems that go relatively unnoticed by most of the visitors, and sometimes even the locals. If you’re looking for something unique to see, there are plenty of secrets to be found. Returning visitors will almost always be able to find something new to do to spice up their vacation, and even new visitors looking for something special will be impressed.

Truckee Tourist Information: Visit the Abandoned Donner Pass Summit Tunnels

Though these tunnels are technically located on private property, the Union Pacific Railroad has been fairly lax about enforcement, which makes these tunnels an interesting piece of history for curious hikers to explore. Fifteen months of hard labor led to the creation of some of the most treacherous tunnels in the history of the US railroads, but they were nonetheless vital for transport for about 125 years. If you’re planning on making the stop, just be sure to be mindful of the weather, and wear sturdy shoes with a good grip because the tunnels can be wet and uneven, don’t forget to bring a flashlight either.

Truckee River Winery

Officially California’s highest and coldest winery, Truckee River Winery is a great spot for curious wine aficionados and casual drinkers alike. They’ve been in business since 1989, and it’s the only winery in town, so you can get a taste of something that’s uniquely Truckee that you may not have otherwise considered. This could be your new favorite wine to uncork after a long day of hitting the trails.

The Truckee Railroad Museum

Given Truckee’s storied history as a railway destination, there’s naturally plenty to learn about the industry that helped make the town into what it is today. You’ll see real cars with the original paint schemes from over a hundred years ago, and there are a ton of Truckee tourist informational exhibits that will give you important insights into the trials that Truckee faced to survive into the modern era.

The Truckee Jail Museum

Like any frontier town, the Truckee area had its share of troubles in the past, so a jail had to be put up. This is one of the few surviving 19th century jailhouses, and you’ll be able to see what made it so strong. It survived fire after fire that raged through the area and was in use all the way up to May of 1964.

Come See the Little Secrets

This is just a taste of the bits and pieces that help make the Truckee area special. Find your new favorite attraction, or just learn something interesting when you’ve had your fill of skiing or hiking. We’ll make sure to pair you with the perfect vacation home to make it all happen, so get in touch with us now and come see Truckee. Contact us now! Check out some of the best restaurants in the area.

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