North lake Tahoe and Truckee Hiking

Tahoe is famous as a getaway from the hustle and bustle that fills so much of California. But if you want to get all the way away, a hike is just the ticket. All around the lake—including near our properties!—are wonderful trails, each of them putting the “great” back in “great outdoors!”

Hiking is a fantastic activity: it’s relaxation for the mind but exercise for the body, helping to counteract so much of the stress of daily living. Plus, Tahoe is the perfect place to do it! The higher elevation brings revitalizing breezes and picture-perfect views. Whether you’re looking for lake views or wildlife, Tahoe trails will deliver. So grab some water, sunscreen, and hiking shoes, and sally forth to the best places to hike in Tahoe!

64 Acres Tahoe Rim Trail

This is a popular trail because it’s nice and close to Tahoe, making it perfect for sneaking in a nice walk. It’s an easy trail, so why not bring the younger outdoor enthusiasts along?

Eagle Rock Hiking Trail

We can’t neglect mentioning this trail, just fifteen minutes south on CA-89. It’s a short trail and easily climbed, so it may not be what everyone looks for. However, the views from the top are some of the best in the area! You can see the lake, and makes a fantastic spot to view a sunrise.

Ellis Peak Trail

Another trail south on CA-89, Ellis Peak also offers great views, but is much longer (6.3 miles instead of less than one), making it a better spot to stop by if you’re in for a heavier workout.

Burton Creek State Park

And just fifteen minutes north of Tahoe, following CA-28 you’ll find Burton Creek State Park. This area is best known for its cross-country skiing, but is also a great place to stop for hiking. So, visit in spring instead and enjoy the blooming wildflowers! Or, visit in fall and get some pictures of the vibrant cottonwoods in their autumn colors.

Page Meadow

Located right in the heart of Tahoe, Page Meadow is another pleasant stop for a long walk among the greenery. Like Burton Creek, this 5-mile hike is a great place to admire blooming wildflowers in the spring.

Tahoe Rim to Brockway Summit

For the hardcore hikers, this 19.4-mile trek includes 3,400 of elevation and takes over eight hours. It is not for the faint of heart—or for those not acclimated to the Tahoe elevation—but never let it be said Tahoe is without its challenges!

Return Home to Tahoe Signature Properties

Whether you return rejuvenated or ready to pass out, you’ll look forward to stepping back into your Tahoe property. Relaxing and fully stocked, we’ll have everything you need to recover from these places to hike in Tahoe—while you plan for the next! Call us at 530-562-4242 to learn more about our offerings.