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The beauty of the North Lake Tahoe natural landscape makes most people want to spend as much time outside enjoying it as is possible. Hiking through the trees, biking along the trails, and fishing in the lake itself are all favored activities by visitors and residents alike. And although we don’t like to choose favorites, our “unofficial poll” results show that a large percentage of visitors come here to fish and relax. If you find yourself judging vacation areas by their hot fishing spots and you are planning an upcoming visit to the North Lake Tahoe area, this guide to the top spots to drop a line will ensure that by the end of each day your coolers and your stomachs will be full and your Lake Tahoe fishing trip is successful!

Truckee River

The hottest of all hot Lake Tahoe fishing spots is right here on the Truckee River, but if you’re visiting in the summer, be sure to get up early. The popularity of this spot means that boat traffic, rafters, and swimmers could interfere with the bites on your line if you wait too long. Brown, rainbow, and brook trout are amongst the fish you can expect to see along the Truckee River, and all types of fishing are acceptable.

Boca & Stampede Reservoirs

Offering the same assortment of trout as the Truckee River, the Boca & Stampede Reservoirs are stocked frequently, ensuring your days allotment will be a good one and your nightly meals will be inexpensive; there’s no need to buy meat when you can live off your catch! Winter visitors will be happy to learn that this a popular ice fishing spot; ice fishing is one of our favorite activities, and if you’ve never tried it before, North Lake Tahoe and these two adjacent reservoirs are the perfect places to expand your fishing horizons!

Donner Lake

Renting a boat or chartering a fishing expedition can be expensive but fishing off the public piers on Donner Lake eliminates the cost; pier fishing is 100% free! A variety of fish can be found in these waters, including mackinaws, kokanee, rainbow, brown and brook trout. If you’re looking to reel in a big one, here is where many fishermen and women have been pulling in 30-pound mackinaws recently, so pay close attention to your lines and prepare for a workout!

Your Lakefront Tahoe Signature Properties Fishing Escape

With the right amount of planning, you may not need to leave the boundaries of your vacation home to catch your limit; many of our vacation rentals are located on the water, allowing you and your family to fish the week away without ever getting out of your pajamas! Reserve your very own fisherman’s hideaway today and enjoy some Lake Tahoe fishing!