trip to Truckee

If you are visiting Truckee for the city lights, sky scrapers, and all the wonders that go along with urban life, you may be more than a little disappointed, but, if you are here for the views? Welcome to paradise, dear travelers! Everywhere you turn, there are many things to see in Truckee, and always something new to appreciate, be it the mountains that stand guard in the background, the sight of our historic downtown decorated with Christmas lights that glow merrily against the snow, or the lakes, rivers, and ponds that you will turn to for your outdoor adventures. Narrowing down the choices to just the top five may be a little difficult for us, but we at Tahoe Signature Properties will do anything to ensure that our guests have the vacation they have always dreamed of, so here we go!

Hidden Beach in Incline Village

Hidden Beach, with its rocky coves, tree-lined shores, and clear waters is one of our favorite areas in Lake Tahoe, but because it is located about 15 minutes outside of Truckee, we are keeping it at number five. On a summer’s day, this spot tends to get a little crowded, but in the fall when it is at its most glorious, it will feel as if you are on your own private inlet. The trees turn fiery colors, the air is crisp and cool, and the blue skies add yet another element of perfection to a scene that is as close to perfect as possible in a world that is quite imperfect! Be prepared for a walk, however, as the closest parking is located about a mile away.

Downtown Truckee

We briefly referred to the beauty of downtown Truckee earlier, but it really does deserve its own spot on our list of wonders, no matter what the season. Sidewalks paved of cobbled stones, buildings that have been standing in place for a century or two and built of brick or wood and surrounded by a landscape that will take your breath away; if it weren’t for the cars and modern day lights, you would think you had stepped into a postcard from the past. In the fall, the trees dressed in their autumn finest add color to a streetscape that is anything but bland. In the winter, the snow-topped mountains, the colored lights hanging in the storefronts, and the vision of happy people dressed in colorful winter garbs creates a picture that must be captured! Stand at one end of the street and take a straight shot and this photo will definitely be one for your galley walls.

Rainbow Bridge Over Donner Pass

Everyone knows that the best way to find the best views is to find a high point, and the historic Rainbow Bridge offers a two-fer! There is a must place to visit when going on a trip to Truckee and this is it! Walk across the bridge on the designated pedestrian walkway and stop in the middle, taking a long look at the river that tranquilly flows below, the snow-capped mountain peaks, and even the rocky hillside that can be seen on either side of the bridge and you will find some incredible views, but if you are looking for the money shot, the shot that gives you goosebumps and even has you considering going professional, drive up to the top of Donner Summit Road to the parking lot that can be found off to the right. From this perch, high atop Truckee you get the aforementioned views of the mountains, the river, the rocky hillside, but you also get one more special sight. THIS is the picture you were born to take, as it includes the Rainbow Bridge! Built in the 1920s as a new invention, the car, was unable to handle the incline of Donner Pass, the bridge isn’t just a necessity; it is a work of art! Adding an element of elegance and artistry to any picture it is in, the view of the bridge spanning over the Truckee landscape will take your breath away.

West End Beach, Truckee

Offering more than just a place to keep cool on a hot summer’s day, West End Beach features some of the most idyllic scenery in the state. Surrounded by tall pines, the sliver of sandy beach is where you may find mother and child building castles, creating a slice of life photo opportunity that you will not be able to ignore, but there are so many more incredible views in this tranquil area. In the winter months, when the sand is covered with snow, the darkness of the waters contrasts beautifully with the white of the snow and the blue of the skies above; stand at the beach and take a picture straight on for the money shot here. In the summer, West End Beach is where families go to watch the fireworks on 4th of July, creating another pastoral scene as the skies are filled with colorful explosions that reflect over the lake and onto the faces of awed bystanders, making it one of our favorite views ever!

Take a Hike and Find the Best Things to See in Truckee

To find the best views, you really have to get out in it, and the hiking trails in Truckee are where you are going to find the best ones! The trail to Webber Falls has dramatic views that charm, surprise, and take your breath away, as do any of the trails in Donner Memorial State Park. But as always, the best views can be found the higher up you go, so of course, our nomination of the number one spot for views will be at Northstar Ski Resort! Offering snowy vistas in the winter, fiery outlooks in the fall, sights full of promise and growth in the spring, and a cheerful and flowery landscape in the summer, this four-seasons viewing area will make you fall in love.

Throw Open the Curtains!

The bonus view of the day can be found in your Tahoe Signature Properties Truckee sanctuary. Pull up the blinds, throw open the curtains, and enjoy! Contact us to reserve your piece of paradise today and start planning your trip to Truckee! Be sure to browse these incredible downtown Truckee vacation rentals today.