Tahoe pizza places

Pizza in Lake Tahoe has something special about it. Could it be the ingredients? Or is it the lake that adds a special flavor to food in general and pizza in particular? This is a deep philosophical question and it would take more than an article to cover it. It’s also not really that important why the pizza in Tahoe has a unique taste; what matters is that it does and that certain pizza outlets are quite popular among the locals here! So, if you’re a visitor and you love pizza like we do, you should eat at one of these great Tahoe pizza places.

Lake Tahoe Pizza Co.

Now this one is quite popular among the Tahoe locals. They haven’t told us about the secret for their success or why people love them so much, but we can guess it has to do with the fresh ingredients and signature pizza dough. There’s nothing like a fresh pizza when the dough has been prepared the same day you order it. This is definitely one of the best Tahoe pizza places!

Grand Central Pizza & Pasta

Another local favorite, what sets Grand Central apart from the other pizza places in Tahoe has to be their delicious toppings. A pizza, as we all know, is more than a crust and cheese; the toppings can really make or break a pizza. And in this case, it certainly makes it. A personal favorite is a Canadian bacon. It’s definitely one of the best Tahoe pizza places to visit!


Mofo’s make it their mission to give you a top-quality pizza that will not only satisfy your hunger but also make you happy. Make sure to order their marinara sauce, though; it goes great with a side order of their garlic bread with cheese!

Goodfella’s Pizza

If your feet take you down to Goodfella’s, make sure to order their Goodfella’s Special in a straight face. They’ve heard all the jokes about the movie many times over already. And you’ll love it. It’s really special with the salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage toppings.

Vinny’s Pizza

Of course, there is Vinny’s pizza on this list; the name alone guarantees authentic Italian recipes and flavors. They’re open seven days a week so that you’ll never go hungry for pizza anymore.

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