Truckee stores

As you go about your business of touristing in the most beautiful region in the world, you will probably be spending a good 75% of your time outdoors where Truckee and Lake Tahoe truly shine. In the back of your mind, however, there will be a little voice, gradually growing louder and more demanding, wondering when it will be time to shop! Everyone knows that the perfect vacation includes the trifecta of activities, exploring, dining, and shopping, so we have compiled this list of the top five local-only shops in Truckee to visit during your terrific getaway!

Truckee Certified Farmers Market and Truckee Saturday Farmers Market

The only thing better than shopping at one farmers’ market is, quite obviously, being able to shop at two separate farmers’ markets, and Truckee is proud to offer that opportunity! Located at 10695 Old Brockway Road and 9850 Donner’s Pass Road respectively, these two farmers’ markets are the jewels of our mountain village! Offering local produce, fresh baked goods, and a charming selection of art pieces and crafts, you can spend Tuesday morning from 8 AM until 1 PM exploring your options at the first and then clap on your wide brimmed hat, slip into your espadrilles, and grab your soft cotton reusable bags again on Saturday, to explore more options from 8 AM until noon. It is definitely a win-win situation!

The Treehouse, 10104 Donner Pass Road

Even as we love our children to distraction, we tend to forget about them when it comes time to buy souvenirs and gifts during our travels, but the Treehouse immediately solves that problem! Offering children’s clothing, gifts, and toys that you just can’t find anywhere else, plan on spending more than a few minutes exploring the aisles of this adorable shop. Our own children love to read and be read to, so the book section is our favorite, featuring the classics we all loved growing up and the latest releases of the newest authors, but there is so much more to explore at the Treehouse. Offering Kai run shoes in all sizes and styles, Hatley jammies with accompanying books, and Klutz Toys that include Magical Mermaids and Klutz Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups, there is sure to be something your beautiful littles will love to own!

La Galleria, 10112 Donner Pass Road

The artistic sort is drawn to the most beautiful towns, and because Truckee is no exception, La Galleria was created to show off the best of their works. Offering jewelry that will make your heart skip a beat, gifts that will make the recipient understand how much they mean to you, and exquisite pieces of home décor that will make your own home feel like a gallery, this gallery/shop located in the heart of historic downtown Truckee is guaranteed to offer your most favorite of shopping adventures. Spend some time exploring their selection of everything you never knew you needed, and if you don’t have room in your suitcase to carry it home, never fear! La Galleria’s online store allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home and have your treasures delivered to your doorstep.

Mo, Jo, & Zoe, 10122 Donner Pass Road

As strong and hardworking women, we spend our days taking care of other’s needs, remembering the shoe size of our children, the underwear size of our spouses, and that on the last Tuesday of March we used up the last of the garlic salt and will need to purchase more for the garlic mashed potatoes we are making for the church potluck on Labor Day Weekend. But we tend to forget that we haven’t bought a new pair of shoes or a new summer top since 2016, and that is why a trip to Mo, Jo, & Zoe is the perfect way to fill your Truckee vacation hours in 2021. Offering a beautiful selection of women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories as well as a large selection of gifts, your Lake Tahoe will be an adventure you will never forget when you make time to shop at Mo, Jo, & Zoe!

The Niche, 11260 Donner Pass Road

You might be noticing that all the Truckee stores mentioned are within a few numbers of each other and that all are located in historic downtown Truckee, including the Niche, our favorite home and gift store, which makes it easy to get all your shopping done without traveling all over town! We find this very convenient, even if we don’t venture further than the Niche, which is a one-stop shopping spot filled with everything we could need or want, and we think you will agree! We do suggest you save the Niche for last, however, as it offers features everything from home goods to clothing, to gifts and accessories and when you walk in this fun store, the only thing that will stop you from buying everything you see is the size of your bank account!