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Tahoe is a four seasons vacation destination spot, but there is a special charm it offers during the winter months. The temperatures drop, the skies turn an icy blue, and the snow that blankets the landscape adds a soft beauty to the countryside, inviting lots of picture taking, snow angels, and sledding. Winter is also the beginning of ski season, for those who might not have guessed, and skiing is the sport that brings a sparkle to the eyes of all outdoor enthusiasts, especially when they realize that the North Lake Tahoe area is home to 12 different ski resorts! Yes, you read that right, there are 12 ski resorts located all around your Tahoe Signature Properties seasonal sanctuary, and although you may not be able to try them all out on this trip, the ones you do visit promise to add an extra boost to your stellar Tahoe getaway.

Northstar Ski Resort

Located close to your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape, Northstar is a favorite of travelers from all over the world, offering a variety of Tahoe skiing experiences destined to complete the perfect vacation experience. Beginners love this resort as it offers a larger selection of beginner and intermediate slopes, making it less intimidating for skiers who have not quite yet reached the point of feeling totally secure on their skis. Lessons are divided into private, group, and adult or child, so no one needs to feel self-conscious about standing out in a crowd of toddlers, learning the difference between French fry and pizza slice! Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are also popular at Northstar Resort, ensuring that you don’t have to climb a mountain to have a good time.

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Palisades Tahoe (formerly known as Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Resort)

Located in Olympic Valley, Palisades Tahoe has merged two resorts into one, doubling the amount of fun you can have on the slopes! Especially family friendly, this resort divides the slopes into zones, with the blue and the green zones being the beginner and intermediate ones, but never fear. There are plenty of slopes for the advanced skiers, offering the daredevils in your family a fantastic experience! Want to check out the slopes while still sitting on your sofa back home? Live webcams give you 24/7 access to the slopes and will give you a glimpse into your vacation future. Offering 25 lifts and more trails than we can count, your Palisades Tahoe ski days will be filled with excitement and fun!

Tahoe Skiing at the Homewood Ski Resort

The Homewood Ski Resort is a more lowkey resort offering a variety of runs and snowboard terrains as well as that old school feel of days gone by. This inexpensive option located in Homewood, California doesn’t offer the villages that have become popular at larger resorts, nor does it offer spas or fancy restaurants, but we can assure you won’t miss any of those things as you spend your days riding the lifts up the slope and skiing or snowboarding your way down the mountain time and time again. The lifts are not the more modern ones that are popular at other ski resorts, so be careful when riding up with young children, as there are no safety bars, but in our opinion this step back into the past is a refreshing change and is something that everyone who visits will enjoy!

Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort

Another smaller resort offering four ski lifts and 14 trails, the Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort can be found near your Truckee escape and is a local favorite. Sometimes it is easier to learn something new in more intimate surroundings, so the ski and snowboard classes offered here are destined to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Tahoe Donner has been open for over 50 years, and we sincerely hope it lasts forever!

Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area

If the thought of standing on the peak of the mountain with your skis pointing over the edge causes your stomach to roll and the sweat to start beading up on your forehead, perhaps downhill skiing or snowboarding is not for you. That doesn’t mean, however, you have to stay off skis altogether, as cross country skiing allows you to see the countryside while staying on level ground. It is a little more work physically, but there is something freeing about strapping on a pair of skis and sliding across the trails of the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area. These trails are where the lake views are the best and the lodge offers rental equipment and a warm place to relax and enjoy a quick bite after a long day spent outside in the cold!

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