As much as we love all the seasons in North Lake Tahoe, summer is the one we love the most and wish could last the longest! Never hot enough to make us uncomfortable but mostly warm enough to enjoy the lake activities that are in our life’s blood, there’s so much to keep us busy and so many extra hours of daylight in which to enjoy them. Following our guide to attractions you really should visit in North Lake Tahoe this summer will ensure that your summer escape to Tahoe is memorable and exciting!

Free Music at Sunset

First of all, if you have never experienced a Tahoe sunset, you’re about to discover that its magnificence is worthy of your visit alone! The sky lights up with the fire of a thousand colors, creating a scene so stunning we ALL stop in our tracks just to watch the scene unfold! And when you add the free summer concert series that take place at sunset, well, you’ve just walked into paradise, dear friends, and we welcome you with open arms! With four different locations, Bluesday Tuesdays in Squaw Valley, Music on the Beach Fridays in Kings Beach, Concerts at Commons Beach Sundays in Tahoe City, and Live Music Weekends in Northstar, your chances for excitement are quadrupled!

Find the Secret Beaches

Lake Tahoe covers an area of over 190 square miles with a circumference of nearly 22 miles. It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are more than a few secret beaches hidden away in all that acreage, and we are here to help you find your own portion of paradise! The best part isn’t just the seclusion of Skunk Harbor, Secret Cove, and Chimney Beach, it’s the beauty and tranquility of each spot! Offering white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters, your beach day will compare with the ones you’ve experienced in the tropics—just without that nasty heat and humidity!

Celebrate Summer with Beer and Bluegrass

 The Beerfest & Bluegrass Festival held on July 6 from 3-7 PM at the Village of Northstar is the surest sign that summer has finally arrived! Sit out in the sun listening to the music playing on two different stages, enjoy the icy, refreshing taste of craft beers that represent 40 breweries in the area, and tuck into a five-course meal (served with more beer, of course!). Life just doesn’t get any better!

Or Does It?

 Staying in one of our Lake Tahoe summer escapes proves that your vacation can, in fact, get even better! Offering comfortable properties that are stylish and charming, our guests feel instantly at home. Reserve yours today!