There are more than a few reasons you may not have brought your skis with you to your North Lake Tahoe getaway: You may be visiting in the summer when there’s no snow; you flew one of those discount airlines where they nickel and dime you for every extra bag; or you have never skied before so you don’t have a set of skis to bring! Whatever the case, there are plenty of ski shops in the area that rent skis. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the skis you need delivered right to your front door? That would allow you to head straight to Lake Tahoe slopes for a day of schussing down the trails without wasting any time. If that sounds great to you, Ski Butlers can help!

Located at 10825 Pioneer Trail, Suite 105 in Truckee

The address doesn’t really matter because Ski Butlers comes to your Tahoe Signature Properties winter escape, not the other way around. Bringing all the equipment you need for your day on Lake Tahoe slopes, they fit you in the comfort of your home away from home and make sure that every piece of gear that you need fits you to a tee and is in perfect working order.

Guaranteeing quality equipment and standing by that guarantee means if you’re on the slopes and you think the boots that fit so nicely in your living room are too loose in the cold of the outdoors, all you have to do is give them a call and they will provide their famous on the slope support—even if all you really need is an adjustment! At the end of your stay, Ski Butlers will also come back to your place and pick up the equipment, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the wonders of your winter escape.

Whatever you need, this company has it covered, and after nearly 10 years in business, there’s no one more qualified to tell you what you need! Novice skiers can focus on learning their new skills instead of worrying that their ski pants are too tight or that they rented the longer skis when they should have gone with the shorter ones that are more maneuverable.

We Know All the Secrets to the Best Lake Tahoe Slopes and an Enjoyable North Lake Tahoe Vacation

The first secret of having the best ski vacation of your life? Choosing Tahoe Signature Properties for your accommodations! Contact us today to find the perfect home for your winter journey to North Lake Tahoe!