As summer comes to a screeching halt, the sound of school bus horns and children crying about missing hair ties and too much homework is all we need to tell us that life is about to get completely overwhelming! From PTA meetings to class mom activities to after school sports, the beginning of fall and the new school year is always one that is stressful and jam-packed, and if you’re wondering whether it’s too soon to start looking forward to fall break, we at Tahoe Signature Properties are here to tell you, of course not! This guide to planning a family North Lake Tahoe vacation this fall will ensure that every minute of your getaway is relaxing, fun, and recharging!

Take Your Annual Christmas Card Photo

While we hate to add to your stress by reminding you that the holidays are just around the corner, taking a fun family photo at Inspiration Point Vista in Tahoe City will help relieve your schedule at Christmas! The views from this spot are breathtaking and the brilliantly colored leaves on the trees will add a touch of sparkle that will spark a note of jealousy from all that receive the card!

Oktoberfest in September

Yes, you read that right! Tahoe City’s annual Oktoberfest is going to be held on September 28th, and because it offers fun for people of all ages, your entire family will be excited about attending! Featuring live entertainment, delicious food, and a host of Bavarian-themed games, there’s nothing about this exciting fall event that we don’t love, but the one thing we love most? The beer, of course!

The Family that Rides Together

Fall in North Lake Tahoe is a spectacular time of year. The cool crisp air, the beauty of the changing leaves, and the breathtaking vistas available to all who step outside also make it the perfect season to ride bikes together! The Truckee River Legacy Trail, located in Truckee, is one of our favorite places to ride, and if your Tahoe Signature Properties fall escape doesn’t have a bike in the garage to use (some do, some don’t), Bike Truckee, located at the start of the trail, offers many to rent at reasonable prices.

It’s the Little Things

If you’ve been a parent for any amount of time, you already know that it’s the little things in life that often have the biggest impact: a family dinner spent laughing and talking, making popcorn and watching movies, or putting together a million piece puzzle with the radio turned up loud. These are the moments you’ll never forget, and when you rent one of our Tahoe Signature Properties fall escapes, we can promise you all your North Lake Tahoe vacation moments will be special ones. Reserve yours today!