Enjoy pumpkin spice on your next getaway to North Lake Tahoe

If you’re like us, chances are you are ready to say goodbye to the season of heat—and are perhaps even readier to bid farewell to the year of 2020 as well! Even though the calendar says fall is just a few short weeks away, walking out the door of your home tells another story altogether. It’s hot out there, no doubt about it, and you are eagerly awaiting the chance to get away to someplace cool and refreshing. So, what if we told you that in North Lake Tahoe in September, the highs average a cool 73 degree, while the night lows can drop to a chilly 34 degrees? In October, the mercury falls again, and in November the red line plummets to a refreshing 49 degrees in the daytime! If this sounds like the perfect excuse to get away for some fall fun, our guide to the adventures you can have while staying in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties seasonal escapes will entice you even more!

The Serenity of September

After Labor Day and before the first snowfall, the crowds start to die off, giving visitors a completely different experience than the one they might have in the busy season! The trails are less crowded, so a hike along the trails found at North Lake Tahoe Regional Park will allow for easy social distancing. Although they won’t have reached their full glory, the leaves on the trees begin to change in the middle of the month, creating an idyllic picture. For those who appreciate the appeal of a scenic drive, the Mt. Rose Scenic Highway Overlook offers panoramic views of the stunning beauty for which Lake Tahoe is known. Located just across the California/Nevada Border, it’s been a fan favorite of all who has passed this way for more than a couple of centuries.

October Escapades on a Getaway to North Lake Tahoe

If you want to get the real picture of the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the fall, October is the month you should visit, offering a fiery landscape that will take your breath away and a crisp bite to the air that just demands you wear your fall clothes while sipping a pumpkin spice cocktail. You thought we were going to say latte, didn’t you? Everyone knows that pumpkin spice lattes are the symbols for the beginning of fall, but you’re on vacation, and the fully equipped kitchen in your Tahoe Signature Properties fall hideaway gives you plenty of space in which to prepare your own! Set out 2 ounces of pumpkin pie flavored vodka, 1 ounce of Irish cream liqueur, and a splash of half and half, garnish the rim of a martini glass with cinnamon sugar (or finely crushed graham crackers), then pour the liquids into a cocktail shaker. While not a low calorie beverage, this drink is guaranteed to be your new craving and is the perfect way to greet the fall season! If you’re visiting over Halloween and want to have more than one of these martinis, why not spend the evening enjoying the cozy comfort of your private hideaway? Fix a pot of chili, bake a pan of cornbread, make a pitcher of the pumpkin spice martinis, and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” A roaring fire in the fireplace and your favorite traveling partner will make this night the highlight of your North Lake Tahoe vacation!

Your November Sanctuary

The temperatures keep dropping, and with the highs only reaching the mid-40s, it is definitely time to bring out the winter clothes—the more colorful, the better! The last of the colorful leaves have fallen and the trees are bare; it won’t be long until the first flakes of snow drop to the ground, if it hasn’t happened already! It won’t be difficult to find yourself thankful for all the blessings you have received, starting with this getaway to one of the most beautiful places in the nation.

If enough snow has fallen, now is the perfect time to do a little cross-country skiing at the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area; taking frequent breaks for pictures and snacks is highly recommended. If the snow is stubborn this year and you find yourself wanting to stay indoors as much as possible, it’s the perfect time to do a little early Christmas shopping in the stores that dot the area. Chances are the windows will already be decorated with holiday décor and you’ll feel like you are living in a real-life Christmas movie!

Feeling at Home with Tahoe Signature Properties

When the hike has ended, the stores have closed, and it’s too dark to see much from the vantage point of the Mt. Rose Highway Scenic Overlook, coming home to your Tahoe Signature Properties seasonal escape will be the highlight of your entire getaway. Reserve your stay for a getaway to North Lake Tahoe today!