Enjoy your beer and more on your list of Lake Tahoe dining this winter

Winter means different things to different people. For some it is a time of year to be avoided at all costs as these haters of the season fly to tropical locals seeking heat and beach time. And then there are those who believe that winter is the only season, a time for fun in the snow as they ski, sled, and participate in snowball fights with their kids. As the mercury drops, they come alive, needing only warm clothes, good gloves, and a hot winter meal that warms them from the inside out! If winter is your magic time and you find yourself staying in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties rental homes during your visit, this guide to the best Lake Tahoe dining to get a hot winter meal will keep you warm, happy, and best of all, full!

Rosie’s Place, 571 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City

Haute cuisine has a place in everyone’s lives, but when you are seeking that perfect hot winter meal, generally it will be the corner diner that has what you need. Simple places serving the comfort food you grew up with, offering a casual vibe and an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel at home—places like Rosie’s Place located in Tahoe City! Open for dining in and taking out, the building that houses the tasty dishes served here is charming and cottage like on the outside and filled with antiques on the inside, but it is the food that will keep you coming back. Every meal we have had here is our favorite, but when we want a taste of the comfort food they do so well, it is their fried chicken dish that we cannot stay away from! Also offering pizza, burgers, and a well designed appetizer menu that includes nachos and pork pot stickers, you may come in with numb toes and cheeks that feel freezer burned, but the food served here will melt your heart and thaw your frozen appendages!

The Blue Agave, 425 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City

The best thing about comfort food is knowing that it comes in all nationalities, including the Mexican fare served at The Blue Agave! Open for dining in, it is impossible to stay good when you are eating one of their hot and spicy dishes. Voted the best Mexican restaurant in the North Lake Tahoe area, their menu is filled with the burritos, chimichangas, and tacos that you would expect to find there, but it is their especialidades de la casa (specialties of the house) that will win your heart! Instead of the pork chops you can find at a local diner, order the Especial Dinner created with two pork enchiladas rancheras topped with guacamole and sour cream and accompanied by beans and rice, and discover how the spicy heat of an authentic Mexican meal will be a happy addition to your winter dining habits.

Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen, 505 W N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City

Continuing with the global theme for our hot winter meals, Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen offers the best comfort foods from a variety of different nations! While mainly thought of as an ethnic deli serving sandwiches piled high with your favorite meats, their hot food specials change daily and include noodle meals that will remind you of your mom’s chicken noodle soup, only with much more spice and heat!

Tahoe Dining at Spoon, 1785 West Lake Boulevard #5 on Fir Avenue in Tahoe City

It is back to the café we go for everyone’s favorite hot meals on a cold winters day in the North Lake Tahoe area. Spoon, open for dining in and taking out, offers a diverse selection of international delights, including their Rosemary Pork Chop, made with thick cut chops, bacon braised cabbage, and porcini mushroom polenta. This blast from the past meal is updated with tasty and modern ingredients, but if you want to stay true to your heart, their linguini and handmade meatballs never fail to please!

Tahoe Tap Haus, 475 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City

Open for dining in and taking out, the Tahoe Tap Haus offers your favorite comfort foods for a cold day, plus 16 taps that pour local brews only; the breweries have to be located within 100 miles of the Tap Haus, ensuring the beers are truly from this region! Travelers spend a lot of time outside in the cold working up quite an appetite, one that can only be sated with the warmth provided from the Lazy Shepherd. This traditional shepherd’s pie is created with braised lamb, peas, carrots, and fingerling potatoes will instantly transport you from this all-American bar to a fantastic pub in the old country without having to pay for an expensive plane ticket!

Tahoe Signature Properties Has What You Need

On those days you just cannot picture yourself putting on pants and venturing out in the cold (it could happen!), our fully equipped kitchens offer the space to create your own comfort foods designed to warm your entire body. Reserve your stay today!