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Yokuts Valley is famous for its beautiful scenery, challenging trails, and amazing landscape. So when the idea for a festival that celebrates our four-legged friends came up, it was endorsed wholeheartedly by the village. When the first Peaks and Paws festival was launched it was a huge success. Surprisingly, it wasn’t just the dogs that had the best time; humans tagging along, had a blast. Today you can’t tell who’s having more fun. Not that it matters much. As long as people and their dogs keep showing up, it’s a good sign the festival is filling a need in the community.

Two-Day Event

Peaks and Paws is usually a two-day dog friendly in Tahoe event for the whole family. There’s food, wine, and bluegrass music. And that’s to be expected in a dog-themed festival that celebrates adoptable dogs and goes out of its way to make the event equally entertaining both for humans and their canine friends. But as you might have expected, there’s another mission for the festival besides entertainment. It aims to benefit the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe. And this is the best kind of fun. Enjoy yourself knowing that the proceeds from the event will go to a good cause.

Splash Dogs

One way to make everyone have fun together is to get both humans and dogs in the water. Splash Dogs is in every way as much fun as it sounds. The pool is big enough for the dogs who jump in from the dock and can get quite excitable. You’ll want to introduce your dog to the exit ramp first and foremost, that way if the dog panics they’ll know how to get out of the pool. Throw a toy in the water to help the dog jump in after it and make a big splash.

More Dog Friendly in Tahoe Events

Besides Splash Dogs, there are other events that both dogs and their owners can take part in. There are hikes, fetching contests, and many other delightful games for dogs. As for humans, they do enjoy the food, wine, and craft beer flowing throughout the two days. Yappy Hour offers discounts on the beverages as well as dog treats for your furry companion. What better way to enjoy a happy hour?

Peaks and Paws is a fun-filled festival that brings together families and their dogs to enjoy dog-themed contests and food, music, and wine.