North Lake Tahoe Activities

Times have changed, and more of us than ever before are working from home, attending online schooling, or have taken the reins and begun to homeschool our children. Although online schooling for your kids can be a disruptive undertaking, it also opens up your world like never before! The chains that bound us to our homes, schools, and neighborhoods have become undone, and we have learned a few important lessons, including that we are not limited to OUR homes; we can work, learn, and teach from anywhere in the world that has internet, and when your educational journey leads you to one of the most beautiful and clear freshwater lakes in the world, the only thing that can make it better is by choosing to stay with Tahoe Signature Properties! This guide to North Lake Tahoe activities will ensure you and your family are educated AND entertained.

What Children Want

You make have walked into this decision thinking that your kids just want to play and have a good time, but you quickly learned that they also need to be challenged, and flexibility is the key to both! Stepping outside the homeschool classroom and bringing history to life with a “field trip” to the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society Gatekeeper’s Museum located at 130 W Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City offers the opportunity to give your children what they need and want. Inside the walls of an authentic log cabin lie the tools to take a step back in time and make history real as you learn about skiing, examine the native baskets that were painstakingly created by the Native people who first populated the area, and view the exterior of the Watson Cabin. The Watson Cabin is closed to interior tours at the moment but is a part of the Gatekeepers Museum and is the oldest building in ALL of Tahoe (not just the north side), having been built in 1909. Another famous historical spot that is a local attraction is the Donner Pass Memorial Park in Truckee; famed for being the spot where horrible choices had to be made for a group of travelers, if the topic is not too dark for your wee ones, it is a great history lesson that they will never forget!

No Need for Spell Check

One of parents’ greatest challenges is teaching their children to spell, and even though spell check has made this skill a bit easier, now that you are at the reins, you are making it a priority! Spelling lists can be related to this area; California is a great large word for young spellers! One lesson could be lake related words that include freshwater, bass, trout, basin, depth, Tahoe, etcetera. If your child is in the accelerated group of your luxurious schoolhouse away from school, perhaps the list could include words from the Washoe tribes! Spelling and history combined makes for early release days, so you can get out and explore!

Life Science

People often forget that cooking is a science, but fortunately you remembered, and your science class can be all about cooking in our fully equipped kitchens! Measuring is important, and as you work together to create a local favorite meal, the resulting experiment can earn all A’s when served for dinner! Every place has its favorite comfort food, and when in Tahoe, you’ll soon discover that we enjoy a mixture of foods. From the southwestern chilaquiles for breakfast to fat and juicy burgers for lunch and an even juicier ribeye for dinner, our foods tend to be hearty and soul warming. If you are looking for a typical Tahoe meal, try a chilaquiles recipe. Made with eggs, tortilla chips, and a variety of other ingredients, it will be science for the win when your family takes their first bites!

Education is Not Just About the Brain

To learn properly, children need love, food, and exercise, and when you make exercise fun, it becomes a lifelong habit. North Lake Tahoe offers many different hiking trails, leading to the lake, to waterfalls, and through the densely wooded forests that make this region so breathtakingly beautiful! Physical education was one of our most hated classes in school, but when you give your kid a hiking stick, a camelback (for drinking water), and a compass to let him or her learn how to keep from getting lost, you give your child the tools for a healthy lifestyle! And, of course, because you are accompanying the littles on their adventures in physical education, you are reaping the benefits as well!

Enjoy North Lake Tahoe Activities

Your journey to North Lake Tahoe will be filled with lessons that will last a lifetime! Reserve your vacation rental today and fall in love with the many North Lake Tahoe activities waiting for you.