Things to Do In Truckee California

Planning is the name of the game. This applies to almost anything about life, but it is especially true for your North Lake Tahoe skiing vacation. Apart from making sure you’re in good shape for the great activities waiting for you there, it’s important to make a list of all the things you need to pack with you. You wouldn’t want to go skiing without your ski mask or realize last minute that you forgot about your ski pants. Of course, you can still rent ski gear and apparel from the stores around town, but that would mean wasting precious time shopping around for all the things you forgot to bring with you instead of enjoying every minute of your vacation skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing in the great outdoors.

Protect Your Eyes During Your North Lake Tahoe Skiing Trip

If this is your first time facing the mountain snow wilderness, you should know that snow blindness is a real thing. Your eyes will get exposed to a lot UV rays which are reflected and magnified on the snow. So invest in a good pair of goggles or sunglasses. Goggles are better since they also protect your eyes from the flying snow. A ski mask would come in handy as well in protecting your face and head.

Ski Lock

Carrying your skis with you everywhere you go is just burdensome. You don’t want to be keeping an eye on them all day. That’s where a good ski lock comes in to save the day. It will secure your skis while you go off on your next adventure in the snow and one of the top items you should pack for your North Lake Tahoe skiing trip.

Beware of the Thin Air

This is not something you need to bring anything with you for. It’s just a precaution you need to take. Because of the high elevation here, you need to keep in mind that the air is thinner than you’re used to. Unless you have been to the mountains before, you’ll notice that exertion will leave you more tired. It has little to do with your physical fitness levels and more to do with the level of oxygen in the air. So make sure to ease yourself into the different demanding things to do in Truckee California until you get used to the air.

Hydration Packs

You’ll just need one of these precious things to carry around with your water inside. Even though it is cold here, you lose a lot of water and your body needs hydration. Unless you’re a fan of running back to the lodge to get some water while everyone is enjoying themselves, keep your drinking water on your back and get on with the joys of the mountain.

A trip to Truckee will need some thoughtful planning to ensure you get the most out of it. Call us today to learn more about things to do in Truckee California and to reserve one of our vacation rentals.