Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours

Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours–

As soon as the first snows begin to fall in Tahoe, our minds turn to snowmobiles, and if you have never tried them before, your Tahoe vacation is the time to start! Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours is one of our favorite choices for novice snowmobile riders, offering training and safety information at the beginning of each tour. Their tours travel along scenic routes through unspoiled wilderness, with views of the lakes in the area, so if you decide that you are ready to try a snowmobile tour with this company, be sure and bring your camera! The pictures (videos are awesome, too!) will be an unbelievable addition to the souvenirs you bring back home.

Breathtaking Beauty

It’s not just the cold mountain air that will take your breath away; the scenery that surrounds you during your ride has an almost surreal beauty that will be impossible to forget. Lake Tahoe Snowmobile offers a variety of tours designed to ensure you get the best pictures and videos possible. Ranging from a Group Summit Adventure to a Private Half Day Tour, their reasonably priced adventures are fun for everyone over the age of 5.

The Group Summit Adventure has prices starting at $180 and lasts for two hours. The first tour starts at 10:00AM, and the second starts at 2:00PM. This tour has pre-scheduled stops to allow you to take pictures, videos, or simply stand and enjoy the postcard perfect scenery. The Private Summit Adventure starts at $240, but is only for those in your own group, offering a much more fun adventure.

The Private Half Day Tour is the ultimate snowmobile tours Lake Tahoe adventure, with prices starting at $320 and requiring a minimum of four snowmobiles to be rented. If you can find room in your vacation budget, THIS is the only way to go. Four hours of speeding through thick powdery snow, feeling the winter air cold against your cheeks, as you explore areas of Tahoe you wouldn’t be able to on foot: This is the life you were meant to live!

Other fees involved with snowmobiling include a $75 charge for a child age 5 to 15 riding double with a guide, and a $20 charge for the clothing package that includes boots, suits, and gloves. Our visitors from more tropical climates won’t have to worry about purchasing winter wear for these tours!

Warming Up in Style After Your Snowmobile Tours Lake Tahoe

The excitement of your snowmobile tour may keep you from feeling the cold initially, but at the end of your trip, you’ll be glad you reserved your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape that comes with a hot tub and a fireplace! Reserve yours today and start planning for the adventure of a lifetime!

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