All You Need to Know About Lake Tahoe’s Whitewater Tours

We’ve talked about all the rivers you can go rafting in, but haven’t mentioned much about the companies that offer white water rafting services. Chances are you haven’t packed your own six-person rubber raft in your suitcase. Fortunately, places like Tahoe Whitewater Tours offer rafting experiences for people of all skill levels, from novice to expert, allowing you and your entire family to have the vacation adventure you’ve always dreamed of!

Family Fun

We get it, you want to try something new without putting your family in danger. We applaud your sensibility and your sense of adventure! The Class I and Class II tours are perfect for you! Featuring whole day tours on the South Fork of the American River, multi-day Lake Tahoe tours on the Carson River, and half day tours on the Truckee, the adventures found here are custom made for your family. They even offer a Class III experience for those who like to live a little dangerously!

Stepping It Up a Notch…or Three!

Because all families (and vacationers) are not created equal, Tahoe Whitewater Tours also offers Class III & Class IV tours that last a full day for the people who don’t feel alive unless they are being challenged in some way! Spend the day on the American River, the South Fork, and the Truckee River riding the tougher rapids.

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