White Water Rafting in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an area that is wonderful to visit every season of the year, but it’s during the summer that we seem to find unique activities to fill the time, and white water rafting on Lake Tahoe is one of our favorites! The feel of the cold water as it splashes against our cheeks, the smell of the rubber craft beneath us, the views of the Lake Tahoe landscape as we pass through areas each more visually stunning than the last. Lake Tahoe river rafting is an experience that touches our souls as it brings us closer to the ones who accompany us on our watery journey. Read on to learn more about the top North Lake Tahoe Activities!

The first commercial rafting company began offering its services in 1956, but it didn’t catch on until the late 60s/early 70s. One of our earliest rafting companies began business in 1973, so the Lake Tahoe area jumped in while the waters were hot, so to speak. They have continued to lead the way in the rafting world ever since.

Most Tahoe rafting experiences will take place on relatively calm waters. The classes of rapids are measured by the International Scale of River Difficulty, with Class I being the easiest and class VI being declared unraftable. The rivers and tributaries around Lake Tahoe tend to stay in the Class II & Class III range: bumpy enough to feel it tingle in your stomach, but not so intense as to be scary for novice rafters. None of the Lake Tahoe Rivers rank in the unraftable class; we keep things safe here!

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