Rock Climbing Donner Summit

For those of you who love to challenge yourself, then Donner Summit is the rock climbing location for you! Located just outside Soda Spring, this peak is a great place to try when you feel the need to practice different climbing styles. Whether you are interested in climbing cracks, slabs, or overhangs, Donner Summit will allow you to spread your wings and fly—safely, and while connected to your harness and ropes, of course! Historically, this summit was once a training spot for the best climbers in the nation. Today, it is still considered one of the best climbing spots around.

Snowshed Wall

This popular wall offers many different routes and while it may be one of the easiest Donner Summit climbing spots, it also offers some of the more difficult climbs as well. The down side is its popularity; on weekends in summer, it can look as if the wall is teeming with ants, the crowds can get so big. But since you’re most likely on vacation, you can experience it during the week!

Black Wall

One of the more unique traits to climbers is how they name the various trails. One Hand Clapping on Black Wall is one of our favorite names, and one of the more popular climbs! Climbing the twin cracks requires hand techniques that come along with experience, but is one that leads you to some great belays.

Relax With Tahoe Signature Properties After Some Amazing Donner Summit Rock Climbing!

Lake Tahoe is known for being the climbing grounds for some of the best climbers in the nation, and no matter what your skill level, you will be able to find a spot that challenges without intimidating you; if you’re into the intimidation thing, you should be able to find that too! Book your Tahoe Signature Properties home today and prepare to check off some of your bucket list climbs! Tahoe Donner is a great place to spend your winter vacation too! Check out our Tahoe Donner winter rentals and experience all it has to offer!

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