pet friendly lake Tahoe

Once you’ve selected the right North Lake Tahoe pet friendly vacation rental from our selection of properties, the next thing to do is find out about all the activities you can enjoy with your dog. And there are many fun things to do together, from hiking to fishing charters and lake tours. The outdoors attractions here are too tempting to pass up. One thing is for sure: Your dog will have the time of its life chasing butterflies, playing in the waves, and sniffing at the fish you catch from the lake, rivers, and waterways around the area.

Water Sports

Lake Tahoe has a wonderful, pet friendly Lake Tahoe beach that you can enjoy a day or more on. The water sports cater to every taste, age, and body shape. Kings Beach State Recreation Area is the best place to enjoy the beach. It’s right at the heart of town and gives you access to the lake and its amazing beach. The amenities include bathrooms, a kids’ play area, and barbecue grills for a picnic. While you’re there you can take advantage of the water sports rentals. Water skiing, water paddling, and boating are available. Dogs are allowed but only as long as they are on a leash.

Lake Tahoe Pet-Friendly Hiking

A dog’s daily walk is a ritual that can’t be missed. If you try to skip it one day, Fido will make sure to remind you persistently until you relent. So, imagine hiking together, one of the top activities that are pet friendly in Lake Tahoe. A trail is a dog’s heaven: lots of space, plenty of room to run, clean and fresh air, and lots of interesting animals and insects to chase. North Lake Tahoe has some of the best trails in the area. They go on for miles. Some trails will climb 10,000 feet up the mountain, while others make their way down to the beach crossing breathtaking landscapes.


Besides the water sports and amazing beach, fishing is also a popular pastime for many visitors. Even though some would object to the word pastime since anglers take their fishing quite seriously. The area has rivers and streams besides the great lake which all offer wonderful spots for anglers. Your dog will enjoy the experience too—especially playing in the water and chasing after the fish you catch. Make sure you to get the proper fishing license depending on the spot you choose.

Your vacation to Truckee with your dog is a guaranteed success. Call us to find out more about our Lake Tahoe pet friendly vacation rentals.