A towel and massage equipment at a spa, what to do in Truckee

Between the beautiful nature and the amazing activities, your vacation at North Lake Tahoe is something to remember. Recreation and fun are both ingrained in all the attractions you find in this vacation destination. Your days are full of fun activities at Lake Tahoe, like shopping, art galleries, museums, and outdoor fun, while your evenings are spent getting a taste of the nightlife and what local performers have in store for you. Summer brings hiking, beaches, and sunbathing, while the winter is packed with skiing, tubing, and snowmobiling. Who could ask for more?

What to Do in Truckee for Food and Dining

It goes without saying that the food you don’t cook yourself tastes so much better. It might have to do with the fact that while cooking your nose and taste buds get saturated with the different aromas, so by the time you sit down to eat your brain already knows about the food you’re going to eat, or maybe it just tastes better because someone else is doing the cooking for a change. Well, you’re in luck, because the dining experience here in North Lake Tahoe is one that satisfies all tastes and inclinations, from family-run restaurants offering unique recipes to casual dining by the lake and upscale restaurants.

Luxurious Spas

Nothing says vacation like pampering yourself with a relaxing time at a spa; it is what to do in Truckee. Try different sorts of treatments and energy work. Let the experts work on your sore muscles and tense body. As you relax in the natural beauty of the spa and let the hands of the therapist loosen the knots and aching under your skin, you’ll feel rejuvenated and energized. Other practices like meditation, yoga, and group hiking also help with stress and bringing about peace and happiness.


It wouldn’t be a vacation worth its name if there wasn’t much shopping in it. Luckily, Truckee has one of the best shopping districts, Truckee Commercial Row Shopping Center. Because it’s a big shopping area, you’ll need a map. Pick the boutiques and stores that are of interest to you and plan to spend the whole day shopping. And if you’re in luck, you’ll catch one of the special events that shops around here hold. You’ll get great gifts and souvenirs at a discount.

To enjoy the best activities at North Lake Tahoe, you’ll need to plan ahead. There’s plenty to do and have fun. For more information, call us today and find out about our great vacation rentals.