Cheap Cabins in Tahoe

So, you’d love to come to Lake Tahoe. The beauty and activities are so numerous, who wouldn’t? But you’re on a budget and worried about breaking the bank. There are a lot of things to do here that are cheap or even free! Here is a 4-day example of an itinerary for your cheap journey and cheap cabins in Lake Tahoe, plus some other tips to keep costs down.

Day 1: Hiking Incline Village

With the arid conditions and high altitude of Lake Tahoe (6,224 feet above sea level), you can hike pretty much all year round. In this dry temperate zone, the lack of humidity makes the colder temperatures not feel so cold. You can hike in cooler temps than you can in lower altitudes with higher humidity. Just remember to bring plenty of water and carry extra layers up here; dehydration is a risk as is the changeable weather.

Incline Village is a hiking favorite, whether you like less vertical climb or a challenge. Galena Falls Trail is a great place to start, with less elevation gain and a stunning waterfall at the end. This is a perfect family hiking spot. A beautiful, paved trail is Stateline Lookout, which crosses the California state line. It can be steep in places, so be prepared. If you want to stay on the lake, the family-friendly Tahoe East Shore Trail is a big favorite, with tranquil views of the water as well as the mountains in the distance.

Money-saving tip: Stop at a local market and get food for a backpack lunch. And don’t forget a thermos full of water! Also, save yourself some pain and bring sunscreen.

Day 2: Museum Tour

You may be a little bushed from a day of hiking, so plan your next day in the peaceful confines of a museum. There are many museums in the area close to cheap cabins in Lake Tahoe, and they explore everything from culture and history to geological formations and other natural histories.

Some favorites are the Tallac Historic Site, a three-property location with guided or self-guided tours. The Gatekeeper’s Museum, maintained by the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, has a comprehensive approach to local history, positioning it in the framework of the region and the western United States. No museum tour of Lake Tahoe would be complete without the Donner Memorial State Park and Emigrant Trail Museum. This museum’s displays illustrate the ill-fated Donner Party’s travels across the west. Of course, there are lots of art museums as well as fine art galleries and jewelry shows that can be an entertaining part of your cheap journey to North Lake Tahoe.

Money-saving tip: Plan your museum tour geographically to save gas and miles on your car. Pack a picnic lunch and budget ahead of time for museum tour fees, if any.

Day 3: Family-Friendly Cheap Attractions in Lake Tahoe

Taylor Creek Visitor Center is a well-attended attraction for families on a budget. You can walk paved interpretive paths (self-guided or guided tours available), view an aquarium that is built right into Taylor Creek so you can watch the fish in their natural habitat, and enjoy a nature diorama of the local flora and fauna. If you come in winter, you can also use the cross country ski trails. The 63,000-acre Desolation Wilderness is also very popular due to its natural beauty and accessibility. Stunning scenery dots the entire 12.5-mile trail. One of the family favorites at Tahoe City is Commons Beach. There are lots of events and concerts, and there is also a nice playground for young children.

Money-saving tip: Campers must pay a fee for an overnight stay, but hiking is free.

Day 4: Bike Trips Through Lake Tahoe

While winter vacations are often not as good for biking, it’s still a good activity year-round if you get the right weather. Remember that Lake Tahoe gets around 300 days of sunshine per year, which means you have a good chance of getting a bike day in.

If you are a mountain biker, there is a lot of opportunity in the late spring, summer, and early fall. There are lots of different difficulty levels so even if you are just trying out mountain biking there is a safe trail for you. Again, remember to bring water with you, especially at higher elevations.

When the snow starts falling plan on staying in lower altitudes around Lake Tahoe. There are lakeside trails as well as paths further off the main areas. Many are family-oriented and within civilization.

Money-saving tip: Whether you rent or bring your own bikes, buy yourself a bike repair. A bike pump, a small wrench or multi-tool, a tire lever and spare tires are must-haves and will save you the cost of calling for transportation if you have problems.

Enjoy Cheap Cabins in Tahoe

Another big money-saving tip is to plan well. Create a budget with a little money set aside for unforeseen events to make your cheap journey worry-free and you will easily find cheap cabins in Tahoe. Contact Tahoe Signature Properties and ask how you can save on your Lake Tahoe vacation and rental. Be sure to browse through our beautiful central Truckee vacation homes today.