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Palisades Tahoe is famous the world over for its amazing views, diverse fauna and flora, and for being the setting for the popular Broken Arrow Skyrace. The races are designed to each showcase a different aspect of Lake Tahoe and its fabulous beauty. If you enjoy running in an immersive landscape where you compete not just against other runners but against your will to stay focused on the road, come to Palisades Tahoe Alpine Meadows between June 21-23rd, 2019. Registration is open online, and fees vary depending on the event you take part in. Prize money this year exceeds $26,000.

Races for All in the Broken Arrow Skyrace

There are four races in the Broken Arrow Skyrace that vary in distance and terrain. The VK is part of the US Skyrunner series and covers 3.1 miles of steep ascent to the summit of Squaw Peak. While it’s short in distance, the race is very demanding due to the climbing and the rocky terrain. Admission costs $60.

The second race is 11K and starts on June 22nd at 9 am. It’s 5.9 miles long. Starting from the European arch, it takes you through the Palisades Tahoe Village then follows a trail toward CA Highway 89. The terrain is much easier than the VK and both beginners and experienced runners will enjoy it. Admission fee is $70.

The 26K takes place on June 23rd and starts at 7 am. The 16.2 miles race takes you through some of the most famous landscapes in Palisades Tahoe and covers one loop. It’s more strenuous than the 11K race and longer of course. Admission costs $110.

The last race is the 52K and takes place on June 22nd at 7 am. It’s the longest race of all four races and goes on for 32.2 miles. You have to be an experienced runner to take part. The fee is $170.

Kids Races

On Saturday June 22nd, a race for children will start at 8.30 am. It’s free for children of all ages. Children 6 and under need to have a parent present. The race begins at the VK start line and after climbing a short hill, it routes along service roads which are relatively flat. The whole race is about 0.6 miles long and all participants will receive a medal at the end. Registration is open one day before the race.

Explore Lake Tahoe as you race, climb, and compete against other runners in Broken Arrow Skyrace. Contact us today for more outdoor events and Lake Tahoe hikes, and to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!