best bike trails in Tahoe

In our opinion, there are two types of people in this world: bicyclists and non-bicyclists. Very few people who travel to Tahoe seem to fall in the latter category. There is something wonderful about strapping on a helmet and serenely peddling along paths that lead you past the breathtaking landscape that is Tahoe. And then there’s something fierce about climbing on a mountain bike and riding trails that want to beat you as you know deep in your heart that you are going to emerge the victor after this battle!

Whichever type of bicyclist you are-and you can also be both-your Tahoe vacation will only be enhanced by trying our these bike trails in Tahoe. Here’s where you can go to rent a bike and where to go to ride.

The Back Country, 11400 Donner Pass Road #100, Truckee

Offering everything from mountain bikes to kid bikes and trailers and tag-a-longs, The Back Country is a one-stop shop for all bikers. Prices are reasonable, starting at $6 an hour for kid bikes and topping out at $700 for a 5-day rental of their Hi End Dream Bike. Also offering fat tire bikes, your biking adventure doesn’t have to stop when the snow starts flying.

Olympic Bike Shop, 620 Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City

And because having choices is a wonderful thing, we offer up the Olympic Bike Shop for your riding pleasures. Featuring a similar inventory and similar pricing as The Back Country, the one thing that makes this business stand out is the tandem bikes they offer for a romantic excursion in Tahoe!

Hitting the Bike Trails in Tahoe

Now that you’ve found your dream bike, it’s time to hit the trails! Here’s some of our favorite Tahoe trails.

Donner Lake Rim Trail – Designed for intrepid mountain bikers, the Donner Lake Rim Trail starts at the Soda Springs Trailhead and is 15+ miles long. Ascending up to 7,266 feet, this trail is best for advanced mountain bikers.

Truckee River Legacy Trail – This scenic trail is popular with bikers, hikers, and joggers. Meandering along the Truckee River for 6.6 miles, this paved pathway leads the way to paradise. It can be accessed through the Truckee River Regional Park and is perfect for families with children.

Northstar Bike Park – This bike park offers a variety of trails ranging from easy to pro and is a favorite of mountain bikers from all over the world. The only caveat, however, is that many bike rental shops will not rent to you if you ride it at the park, so if you haven’t schlepped your own, it is possible to rent bikes from the park itself.