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If you have ever snowmobiled before, you understand the thrill and excitement that accompanies each ride, and with that experience comes the need for more freedom. Many Tahoe snowmobile rental companies only offer guided tours, as they are designed for novice riders, which, while still exciting, can cause our expert snowmobilers to turn to another type of snow adventure. But hold on a minute! Before you strap on your snowboard or skis, it’s time to visit  Adrenaline Connection, the only snowmobile rental company that allows self-guided rentals! No need for a babysitter for you; the (semi) wilds of Tahoe await!

13,000 Acres of Snowmobile Trails

Winter is here, and the natural beauty of Tahoe invites you to come outside and play on the snowmobile rental Tahoe you have wisely rented from Adrenaline Connection. The postcard-perfect scenery offers stunning adventures on every trail. Views of the mountains surrounding you, standing starkly beautiful against icy grey skies, the lakes below you, frozen, yet still powerful as you rev the throttle and race against the wind. The cold doesn’t bother you, you’ve dressed for the cold, and you’re ready to explore whatever Tahoe brings!

On the best weather days, off-trail fun only enhances your joy, but even when it is necessary to stay on the trail, you know you’re still going to have a good time! The only limit to your winter adventures is the depth of your wallet, and the reasonable prices at Adrenaline Connection allows for longer forays into the winter wonderland!

Tahoe Snowmobile Rentals: 10117 E River St, Truckee, CA 96161

Your winter vacation adventures are only a few clicks of the mouse away. You can email Adrenaline Connection at, or give them a call and get all your snowmobile rental Tahoe questions answered live by dialing 530-386-8389.

Warm Up by the Fire

You may not notice the cold while you are in the midst of your snowmobile adventures, but chances are when the trip is over, you won’t be able to wait to get back to your Tahoe Signature Properties cozy cabin where you can start a fire, fix some hot chocolate, or simply soak in the hot tub as you stare out at those views!